Nissan creates another theory of the Detroit crossover concept

Nissan released its third and final teaser video for their new crossover concept, which will be released at the North American Auto Show in America.

The company remains closely related to the model, but the last clip reveals the concept will be a relatively small crossover featuring aggressive side skirts and massive alloy wheels. We can also see that the model will have boomerang headlamps, a rakish sun visor and a tailgate

One of the more interesting aspects of the teaser video is that it looks like the concept has something mounted on the roof. Because the concept is a crossover, it would be normal to assume it is a roof rack, but Nissan tortured the model's "smart mobility" technology, so the mysterious object might be linked to autonomous driving technology

. what's on the roof, the video also gives us a look at the inside and shows that the concept will have a minimalist cabin will have a rectangular steering wheel. The classic tool cluster has also been removed and replaced with a widescreen display that extends across the width of the interior. The display also has two side display displays, suggesting that the side mirrors have been replaced with camcorders.