Once driven by the Rally Gods, this Subaru Legacy RS is now up for grabs

This could not be a Impreza, but a true Prodrive racing Subaru Legacy RS Group A rally car driven by no one other than Ari Vatanen

This is the same car that Vatanen was leading when driving the 1993 Acropolis Rally , before Tommi Makinen, Carlos Sainz, Colin McRae and Juha Kankkunen before they collapsed.

After the race, the car returned to Prodrive and was reused in the house before being sold to an Italian rally team. In 1995, the same car was led by Richard Burns at Bettega Memorial Rallysprint, finishing second.

The car was then rebuilt again, but this time it was transformed into a new Impreza confectionery with Safari specifications, which is not unusual for Legacy cars. In 2008, the car was bought by the Richard Burns collection to completely rebuild it and bring it back to its original specifications.

The pregnancy was supervised by ex-Prodrive man Ian Richardson who created a genuine Prodrive-spec Legacy shell for the car that now comes with the famous K555 BAT identification plate. The Subaru Legacy RS Group rally car is presented in the correct specification of the gravel and the model it wore at the 1993 Acropolis Rally.

Subaru Blue-Gold is propelled by the right work of the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-wheel engine with 290 CP, coupled to an X-Trac manual gearbox. It covered about 100 kilometers from reconstruction and is now heading to car sales at Silverstone Auctions on Feb. 23, with an estimated cost of between £ 120,000 and £ 140,000.