Opera 50 is full of news. Supports Chromecast, Oculus Rift, and blocks crypt mines

The first version of the final version Opera 50which offers a great deal of improvement. Clearly the most striking novelty is the blocking of the cryptomate in the viewer. This is a young trend that we are watching to see. u The Pirate Bay . Without your knowledge, but also the web can use your hardware as a part of it. Opera seems to be the first to offer protection against misuse in the basics

It looks like it has integrated the NoCoin plug-in that you can use with other browsers you just need to install it manually. You can find it in the settings in the blocking list. This means that you can deactivate the blocking ads while leaving active blocking of the event, eventually. And that is not blocked active.

Changed VPN and Chromecast support

Opera just says that supports Chromecast. It responds with some Chrome latencies, but basic support for last August . This upgrade also adds to a group of options that are already in the works to begin to accumulate. You can activate Setup Unable to Enable Chromecast Support

The first setting of the application must also be enabled for free VPN. During the autumn I warned that would be a foreign server for (the service was run by SurfEasy, which fell into Symantec's hands). The change is fully manifested. They are no longer in the state of choice but in a wider geographical location like Europe. The choice is still limited, it should be extended.

Because different locations open a search engine like Google or Bing in different language mutations, Opera ] by default does not use VPN when browsing, but this protection goes away. The search results will be unprotected (understand your real IP address will be visible to your visitor) but understandable. The links leading to the search are already reverting through the VPNs. This is the choice between comfort and security – you can choose to set up an application to see if the search engine has the exclusion

The Instant Video and the Oculus Rift

improved in many delicacies. It goes without saying that the figure is in detail. On the platform, macOS delivers smoother videoyou can feel faster responses when scrolling or by reading. We have higher resolution videos, they pay more. At the development team, he did any kind of preparations, while browsing the browser consumes some memory and does not load the processor before â € “According to internal tests equal to one-fourth

You can report the pages as PDF. Opera has long been offering direct print to PDF, but it is good for later printing. New features will be more useful for times when you want a page to work on your computer later. Doing some reorganization in the context menu of a panel (if you want it). Contextual transcription into the repertoire included Bitcoin, Etherum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

The latest news concerns the support of virtual reality, with Opera a few months now . New Oculus Rift devices are supported, but also software decoders that can be used for overwriting if the device does not support hardware decryption videos. Opera also makes it possible to distinguish the type of video you want to do to avoid using a bad format. These are popular sites such as YouTube or Facebook

You can see your address www.opera.com .