Orange Salad, Pomegranate, Spinach and Avocado

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Orange Salad, Pomegranate, Spinach, and Avocado A lightweight, nutritious winter dish, especially for those who, after a heavy meal period, cleans themselves and defend themselves. Diseases Seasonally, eat foods that enhance the immune system.
There is a lot of variation from this simple Sicilian source, most known of them are orange salad, onions and black olives, and a version that combines only with citrus fennel. The remains of the orange the real heroes of the food, help to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system, given its valuable content Vitamin C . 19659002] is rich in fiber and especially for those suffering from constipation, pomegranate . Thanks to the good content of potassium, this fruit is an important cleaning action, it is in the interest of the diurases, and therefore, the removal of garbage

excellent liver allies instead of spinach which The member helps in the task of removing toxins and thus prevents the so-called "fatty liver".

Finally, we can find avocado a useful food in the fight for cholesterol. In addition, just like spinach, the fruit protects the health of the liver due to its many minerals, vitamins and nutrients contained in it.

Anyone who wishes can have some of these plants, pizza al naturale

Orange Salad, Pomegranate, Spinach and Avocado
  • Pallets Side Dishes
Raw Materials
  • QB ] Pomegranate
  • QB Oranges
  • QB [19659011] Spinach
  • qb Chivos Optional
  • qb Pistachios Optional
  • qb
  • qb
  • qb [19659011] olio olio
  1. After washing, dry the spinach well and place them in a large bowl

  2. clean the oranges, Separate the clove and half of each, so that the water can be removed and the taste of the whole container.

  3. Remove the avocado (ripe) and add it immediately to the salad, then orange juice will prevent the oxidation of the fruit.

  4. Add the pomegranate grains and add the cereals to the salad

  5. Shred the pistachios and (optionally) pour over the entire container.

  6. Make healthy salad with freshly chopped fresh chips, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

  7. Remember that a few hours before enjoying it in the fridge.

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