Record Skoda, in 2017 delivered over 1.2 million cars in the world

Record Skoda . Last year the deliveries of the brand grew by 6.6% worldwide, reaching share 1,200,500 (in 2016: 1,126,500). For the fourth time in a row, Skoda sold more than one million cars in just one year. In addition to the sales champion Skoda OCTAVIA growth was driven mainly by Skoda SUPERB and the new SUV KODIAQ and KAROQ .


2017 for Skoda was a year of success that ended exactly as it started. With a sales record. After January the best of the company's 122-year history, the Czech House has set a new record even in December. With 107,500 cars delivered, Skoda exceeded the previous year's result by 19.2%

In Western Europe the number of units delivered to customers in 2017 grew by 5.2% for a total of 477,700 cars (in 2016: 454,000 cars). In December, Skoda recorded an increase of 7.0% in this region, for a total of 33,600 units sold (same period of the previous year: 31,400 cars). On an annual basis, Germany is confirmed as the second most important market worldwide for Skoda, with 173,300 cars delivered. In this case the increase is 4.9% (in 2016: 165,200 cars).

In this way Skoda once again affirms as the number one importation mark in Germany strengthening the leadership among the main large volume manufacturers. In December 2017 Skoda recorded an increase in deliveries in Germany of 12.2%, with a total of 13,500 units (in the same period of the previous year: 12,100 cars).

In 2017 Skoda recorded double-digit growth rates in France (27,300 cars, + 18.5%), Austria (24,300 cars, + 17.9%), Norway (8,600 cars, + 11.7%). The Marchio also grew to an extraordinary extent also in Greece (3,200 cars, +116.5%).

Superb Wagon

With a growth of 20.3%, Skoda in Italy delivered in 2017 24.700 cars and for the fourth consecutive year it recorded a double-digit increase, higher than the average market. This important result bears witness to the increasing attention paid by the Italian public to the Casa della Freccia Alata. The OCTAVIA and FABIA models confirmed themselves as the best sellers on our market, while the KODIAQ SUV, launched in spring 2017, was welcomed in a more than positive manner and was chosen by over 2000 customers. The new SUV KAROQ which will be officially launched in Italy with a extraordinary open doors at all dealerships next 27 and 28 January will allow the Brand to fit into the important C SUV segment, with a car equipped with the best security technology and connectivity, a modern style and perfect size even for urban use.

In Central Europe in the period between January and December 2017, Skoda has sold 207,100 cars (2016: 183,800), marking an increase of 12.7%. In the last month of last year deliveries of the Company increased by 5.6% for a total of 14,200 units (in December 2016: 13,400 cars). In the domestic market, that of the Czech Republic, in 2017 Skoda delivered 95,000 units, or 8.0% more cars compared to the same month of the previous year (in 2016: 88,000 cars). In Poland (66,600 cars, + 18.5%), Slovakia (21,000 cars, + 11.4%), Hungary (12,700 cars, + 16.2%), Slovenia (7,100 cars, + 12.7%) and Croatia (4,700 cars, + 35.7%) the Bohemian brand has achieved important double-digit growth rates


During the year Skoda has also grown considerably in Eastern Europe, Russia excluded . With a total of 41,300 units, sales rose 17.9% over the previous year (in 2016: 35,100 cars). In December, in this region the Brand grew by 36.2% with 3,900 deliveries (in December 2016: 2,800 cars). Last year the development in the Baltic countries was particularly positive (7,400 cars, + 13.3%), in Serbia (6,700 cars, + 17.5%) in Ukraine (6,100 cars, + 69.4%) and in Bosnia (1,600 cars, + 16.5%). In Russia with 62,300 cars delivered during the year, Skoda increased by 12.5% ​​compared to the previous year (in 2016: 55,400 cars).

China market number one

The most important market for Skoda in the world is confirmed China . Here in 2017 deliveries grew by 2.5%, with a total of 325,000 units (in 2016: 317,100 cars). In December, the Brand delivered 42.400 cars to customers – 41.8% more than in the same month of the previous year (in December 2016: 29.900 cars).

The overall results for 2017 were also positive in Israel (23,400 cars, + 14.5%) and in India (17,100 cars, +31.4%)

 Record Skoda, in 2017 delivered over 1.2 million of cars in the world - Karoq

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