Regulation 2018 on the administrative arrest

News arriving for what concerns the provision of administrative arrest on vehicles for 2018, the maneuver changes in its specifications. Discover all the innovations!

Regulation 2018

With the new year the legislation regarding the administrative shutdown of cars and motorcycles has been changed. Attention then to these new aspects.

First of all the time has been set down to provide for the application of what are defined in technical jargon as 'fiscal jaws'; from 120 days of the old legislation now become 60 and the Inland Revenue will be able to put in place the provision in case of non-payment

Also changes the mode of application of the catch . A minimum debit threshold is introduced to proceed with the application according to the following scheme:

  • under the figure of 800.00 euros of debt the Agency can not proceed with the administrative arrest,
  • in the presence of a debt that goes from 800.00 euros to 2,000.00 euros it will be possible to proceed with the application but only on one vehicle,
  • if the debt fluctuates between 2,000.00 euros and 10,000.00 euros the tax authorities can to detain up to 10 vehicles,
  • above the debit amount of 10,000.00 euros you can proceed with the seizure of all vehicles owned by the debtor.

How to remove administrative detention

There are different ways to removal of the administrative arrest.

If a debtor recognizes his debts situation he can proceed to payment and, remedying the situation, the detention decays. An installment payment can also be agreed for the debt at the territorial offices of the Revenue Agency

If it is considered that the debt is not to be paid you can make appeal for the same. The implementation of this maneuver will unlock the vehicle subject to detention, but a possible payment order could result in a confiscation of the vehicle with subsequent auctioning.

In any case, an operation to be carried out in any case is the cancellation from the registers of PRA of the administrative seizure order, the lack of this does not make the vehicle suitable for circulation.

What to know if there is an administrative arrest

What you need to know is the extent of the risk to which the debtor is subject if he circulates with a vehicle subject to detention. Without prejudice to the fact that the vehicle in question can be insured, this does not authorize circulation.

If the competent authorities ascertain that a vehicle subject to an administrative measure has been circulated, it may immediately be confiscated auctioning and the penalties for the owner are very salary for violation of an administrative provision.