Renault sales record in the world: 3.76 million, + 8.5%

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The Renault Group r reports an increase in sales for the 5th year in a row, with 3,761,634 vehicles sold. The global registrations (cars and commercial vehicles) of the Renault Group (including Lada) are up by 8.5%, in a market up 2.3%. The Group's market share today stands at 4.0% (+0.2 points compared to 2016)

In the commercial vehicle segment the Group achieves a record level of sales, with 462,859 registrations, + 4.1% compared to 2016.

The Renault and Dacia brands set a sales record, respectively with 2,670,982 and 655,235 vehicles sold. Lada's sales grew by 17.8%, with 335,564 registrations, while those of Renault Samsung Motors fell by 10.1%, with 99,846 vehicles.

«A we beat a new record at Group level , with over 3.7 million vehicles sold in 2017. Volumes and market share continue to grow in all regions. Our strategy of renewal of the range and of geographical expansion continues to bear fruit. In 2018, we will continue the growth and internationalization of our sales, in line with the Drive The Future plan », said Thierry Koskas, member of the Executive Committee, Sales Director of the Renault Group.

In Europe in a market that progressed by 3.3%, Group registrations recorded an increase of 5.6%, with 1,911,169 vehicles. The Group's market share in Europe stands at 10.8%, up 0.2 points

The brand Renault alone, grows 3.7%, securing a share 8.2% market share. Renault benefited, in particular, from the complete renewal of the Mégane family, created in 2016, and the launch of Nuovo Koleos, last June. Clio 4 remains the 2nd best-selling vehicle in Europe and Captur the 1st crossover of the category

In the segment of electric vehicles Renault maintains its leadership with a market share of 23.8%. Sales volumes grow by 38%. ZOE, the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe, records an increase in registrations of 44%

Even before the launch of Nuovo Duster scheduled for early 2018, the Dacia brand records a record sales in Europe with 463,712 vehicles registered (+ 11.7%) and a market share of 2.6%, equal to +0.2 points. This growth is mainly related to the performance of Sandero phase 2, launched at the end of 2016.

In non-European countries all regions continue to progress in terms of volumes and market share. The Group's registrations increase by 11.6%, in a market that is + 3.3%. The extra-European volume now represents 49.2% of total sales

The Renault Group strengthens its position with the success of the new range: Renault Kaptur, LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY in Russia, Koleos in China, Mégane Sedan in Turkey, Duster Oroch and Kwid in the Americas

In Eurasia registrations grew by 13.6%, in a market that grew by 7.0%. The Group's market share, which now also incorporates the Lada brand, increases by 1.4 points to stand at 24.5% thanks, in particular, to its dynamism in Russia.

The Russian market is expanding for the first time in 4 years and grows 12.2%. The Group ensures an increase in sales of 16.9% (including Lada). More than one in four cars sold in Russia in 2017 is of the Lada or Renault brand

Lada records a growth of 17.0% with a market share of 19.5% (+0.8 points ), thanks to the successful renewal of the range, in particular with the LADA Vesta and LADA XRAY models.

The Renault brand guarantees a record market share of 8.5%, up by 0.3 points. Kaptur records over 30,958 registrations and Duster around 43,715

Russia remains the Group's 2nd market with the consolidation of Lada's volumes.

In Turkey Renault reaches a level of historical sales, with an increase of 7.0% (130,276 vehicles) in a market that is contracted by 2.8%. The success of Mégane Sedan is confirmed, with around 39,300 registrations. The Brand's market share grows by 1.3 points, reaching 13.6% and Renault becomes the country's first brand for passenger cars + commercial vehicles.

In the region Asia Pacific the registrations are in growth of 17.0%, in a market that is +2.7%.

In China Renault has sold over 72,100 vehicles, compared to 35,278 in 2016, thus doubling sales volumes in 'year. The success of Nuovo Koleos is confirmed, with over 43,400 registrations

Renault Samsung Motors declined by 10.1% in the absence of a new model

in a very competitive market, after the strong growth recorded in 2016, marked by the launch of SM6 and QM6.

In Africa-Middle East-India, the Group's registrations achieve an increase of 8.4%, in a growing market of 2.0%. The market share gains 0.4 points, reaching 6.6%

In Iran, sales are up 49.3%, with a record market share of 10.8% (+2.4 points) ), thanks to the success of Tondar and Sandero

In India, Renault remains the leading European car brand, with a market share of 3.1%. Sales declined by 14.9% in anticipation of the increase in Captur rates.

In the Maghreb, the Group expands its sales by 5.6% in a market that contracted by 4.7%. The Group's market share stood at 42.4%, up 4.1 points, in particular thanks to the performance achieved in Algeria, where the Group achieved a record market share of 62.8%, up 11 points

In the Americas region, sales are up 9.9%, in a market that is + 7.2%, with a market share of 6.7%, equal to a growth of 0.2 points.

The Group continues to fully benefit from the recovery of the Brazilian market, which grew by 9.3%. Sales increase by 11.4% and the market share reaches a record level of 7.7% (+0.1 points) thanks to the brilliant results of the new Captur and Kwid models. Kwid has registered around 22,600 sales so far in July.

In an Argentine market expanding by 26.4%, the Group grew by 16.3%, pending the increase in Kwid's cadences.


In 2018, the world market should record a growth of 2.5% compared to 2017. For the European market, an increase of 1% is forecast, with an increase of 1 % for France.

Internationally, the Brazilian and Russian markets are expected to grow by 5% and almost 10%, respectively. While China should grow by 5% and India by 6%

In this context, the Group should benefit, in 2018, of the renewed range in all regions and confirm its sales growth. Led by international markets in correlation with the new Drive the Future plan.

Sales by region (Passenger cars + Commercial vehicles)

Sales by region (Passenger cars + Commercial vehicles)
December Ytd *
2017 2016 % var.
France 673.852 651.780 3.4%
Europe ** (Excluding France) 1.237.317 1.158 .171 6.8%
Total France + Europe 1.911.169 1.809.951 5.6%
Africa Middle East India 532.391 [19659040] 491 301 8.4%
Eurasia 732 786 645 278 13.6%
Americas 389 419 354 241 9.9% [19659043] Asia Pacific 195.869 167.403 17.0%
Total Excluding France + Europe 1.850.465 1.658.223 11.6% [19659039] World 3,761,634 3,468,174 [19659034] 8.5%
* Sales
** Europe = European Union, Iceland, Norway & Switzerland

Sales by Brand

December Ytd *
2017 2016 % var
Passenger Cars 2.264.075 2.094.905 8.1%
Commercial Vehicles 406.914 392.977 3.5%
Passenger Cars + Commercial Vehicles 2.670.989 2.487.882 7.4%
Passenger Cars 99.846 [19659034] 111.097 -10.1%
Passenger Cars 610.160 542.463 12.5% ​​
Commercial Vehicles 45.075 41.752 8.0%
Passenger Cars + Commercial Vehicles 655.235 584.215 12.2%
Cars 324.694 274.968 18.1% [1 9659091] Commercial Vehicles 10,870 10,012 8.6%
Passenger Cars + Commercial Vehicles 335.564 284.980 17.8%
Passenger Cars 3.298.775 3.023.433 9.1%
Commercial Vehicles 462.859 444.741 4, 1%
Passenger Cars + Commercial Vehicles 3.761.634 3.468.174 8.5%
* Sales
Renault included Alpine (7 units in 2017)