Ripple is the first altcoin worth over $ 100 billion

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Ripple Ripple Ripple over the last year it has grown five times and according to CoinMarketCapu is the issue of about 39 billion tokens with a current average price of over three dollars per piece its market value is more than $ 120 billion, so it's the first bitter alternative to BitCoin, whose capitalization dropped 100 billion

It works on a different principle, though it also has its own share jblockchain “called Ledger, but the transactions do not approve of it with blocks but with consensus. The computer connected to the decentralized network will agree that the transactions are valid. enà trvá Å ™ à (19659005) Ripple Caps Over 100 Billion Dollars ” width=”640″ height=”296″ > Ripple In Capitalization Over $ 100 Billion ” width=”640″ height=”296″ > Ripple In Capitalization Over $ 100 Billion ” width=”640″ height=”296″ >

Ripple in capitalization exceeds 100 billion dollars

Ripple is not only a currency (pay with it but it is not going anywhere), but it does not matter if it is a trump card transfer between different assets. It is used primarily by banks (UniCredit, RBC, Santander) for fast and inexpensive cross-border redemption of money between different means. Saa Ripple can move a crown for gold, Mexican peso for Polish zloty or Bitcoin for Ethereum. It only considers what financial institutions are involved in it

Thanks to the nature of the whole, most of XRP is still owned by Ripple. Of the final figure of 100 billion units, only 38.7 billion XRPs are in circulation. According to Forbes Resources the co-founder and senior economist of Chris Larsen has 5.19 billion own XRPs and 17% share in the company. At one point Ripple sold for $ 3.84, so the theoretical $ 1,000 billion of Larsen Äinilo. That would make him the seventh richest man in the world, and he would be in front of Google's founder Larry Page and Sergei Brin