Samsung introduces a 34 “wound Thunderbolt 3 QLED WLED monitor

Samsung first opens all of the sleep technology in one monitor. Model CJ791 has a 34 “aspect ratio and a 21: 9 aspect ratio with a QHD 3440 resolution of 1440 px. The QLED screen means more of the TV is the color enhancement with quantum dots and the contrast of QLED is a bit better

The Samsung CJ791 connects to the PC ™ Thunderbolt 3, which means power cables. Up to 85 watts of power can be powered from the monitor. The thin frame around the display is suitable for an assembly of two or more monitors for one workstation the>.

Samsung boasts 125% coverage of the sRGB color space and a higher contrast. A 4ms response would be suitable for gameplay, but the reality is different and the reality tells the test. This model is also a bend more than usual, Samsung gives the value of 1500R.


Also LG has a 34 “monitor with Thunderbolt and other resolutions 5120 Ã 2880 px, with a straight screen, while Samsung is curved. In the case of LG, this is not an OLED, as it might be, but an improved IPS (Nano IPS) with HDR600 support

Samsung will be selling at a price of CZK 24,990, but from May this year. We are working with him on the interface of the market between professional users and gamers.

This is the official presentation of CES [

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