Saudi Arabia holds a show of feminine focused cars after it ceased to lead

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Saudi Arabia has recently reversed a decision that prevented women from leading and now the country hosts a car show designed specifically for them

Reuters reports that the show took place at Le Mall in Jeddah and says " have confronted the "Event. Several different vehicles were exhibited, including models from Chevrolet, Nissan, Kia and Toyota. Although it could not have counted the famous exotics that people usually imagine in the Middle East, the event focused on fuel-efficient vehicles.

There is no word on the number of people who attended the event, but Ghada al-Ali said: "I've always been interested in cars, but I did not have the ability to drive," she said. a car when King Salman lifted the ban on female drivers, which will come into force in June.

The news has a particularly strange moment, because reports suggest that Turkmenistan has forbid women to lead in this country. in December, and the police are now trying to enforce the law, which happens shortly after another strange report claiming that the country's president wants to eliminate all the black cars in Ashgabat's capital