Seal Beach Police Department to get Saleen S302 Mustang police

Back in 1990, the Seal Beach Police Department in Seal Beach, California received a special edition Saleen Mustang SB / S for Police. Nearly 28 years later, the police department receives a modern version of the high-performance Mustang tuning firm.

Saleen appealed to Instagram to disclose his plans to give a police department a new police interceptor his Mustang 302. A lot of information was not provided with the post Instagram who read: "Seal Beach PDs new interceptor Come soon in a mirror behind you."

The tuner recently delivered a 730-horsepower Mustang police car to the Riverside Police Department of Riverside, California, and while Saleen did not provide any specification for the special edition for Force Seal Police Beach, we believe the two vehicles share much more than their exterior design.

The Saleen S302 Black Label Mustang is the worst Mustang available from the 2015 tuning company. Saleen takes over the Mustang 5.0 liter V8 stock and matches all kinds of performance goods. Some of the most notable components include a compressor, larger fuel injectors, a high-performance exhaust system and a cool air intake. The result is a total of 730 horsepower and a 600-foot torque.

In addition to adding performance parts to the engine, Mustang also benefits from larger brakes, suspension enhancement, better tires and a more aggressive body kit. The Mustang that Saleen gives the Seal Beach Police Department seems to keep a lot of components but has some decals and new hardware to work in the police

There is a slight chance that the special Mustang will be used to track but having one of the most powerful roadside pony cars in your police fleet is an excellent way to engage in the community.

Seal Beach PDs new interceptor. Soon, in a rearview mirror near you #Saleen #mustang #sealbeach #sealbeachpd # s550 #saleenmustang #mustanggt # saleen302
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