Mind Blowing Family Reunions That Will Thrill You

There is very little in life that's as distressing as being separated from someone we love. All these families found themselves without an important somebody for an extended period, until it was finally time for them to reunite.

Yet, none of these stories are so straightforward. These aren't cases of somebody just going on an extended business trip or vacation. Some of the periods of separation went on for years without either party knowing what would happen.

You'll be amazed by these tales of family reunions. They give us hope that even the darkest moments in life can be overcome.


Back From Afghanistan In A Box

As you can see, the box is chirpier than the headline might suggest. U.S. Soldier Joshua Carr's return from Afghanistan was marked by delivering himself in a birthday box to his 3-year-old daughter.


Missing, Believed Murdered

Imagine believing that your son had been killed by serial killer John Wayne Gacy for 41 years. That's what happened to Robert Hutton's family until he was discovered alive and well in California.

Bizarre Discovery

Richard Lorenc was adopted as a child. He spent years trying to track down his birth mother and when he finally did, she turned out to be a bearded lady in a circus sideshow!

The Whole Family

Bart and Brenda fell in love at 16, and she got pregnant. Their parents went mad, forced them to split up and to have their son adopted. Then they found each other online 26 years later, and a little later Brenda found their son. Now they're married!

Out Of The Blue

Captain Hyrun Bronson returned to his family after serving in Afghanistan by emerging from the water in full dive gear while his family was on vacation. They had no idea he was coming.


Escaped Prisoner

Tanya Kach was kidnapped and imprisoned by Thomas Hose for nearly a decade. She finally escaped and was reunited with her family. Hose was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in jail.

More Than 70 Years

Irene Adkins and Terry Spriggs are brother and sister. Irene was abandoned by her parents. She hadn't set eyes on her younger brother until Terry tracked her down. He was 73.

Life-Sized G.I. Joe

Matthew Windish wanted to surprise his parents after a tour of duty in Korea, so he had his friends wrap up him as a life-sized G.I. Joe doll and deliver him to their house. Thankfully, they unwrapped him straight away rather than leaving him until Christmas.

Mexican Miracle

Corrine McCallister was a top student in Wisconsin and then in 2004, she disappeared. She'd been drugged and kidnapped by her boyfriend and taken to Mexico. She wouldn't escape his clutches and return to her family until 2014.


The Long Kiss Goodbye

Boris Kazlov married Anna and then 3 days later was sent to the front with the Red Army. While he was away, Anna and her family were exiled to Siberia. They did not see each other again until a chance meeting on the street 60 years later.

Stolen At Birth

Carlina White was stolen from a hospital when she was only 19 days old. Yet, somehow she knew the family who raised her were not quite right. She tracked down her real parents 23 years later and Anne Pettaway, the kidnapper, was jailed for 12 years.

Gatecrashing Graduation

Ashley L. Starkey's graduation was extra surprising when her husband returned from his duties in the navy to surprise her on stage. Thank goodness she passed.

Man's Best Friend Goes AWOL

Michael Neary's dog ran away. So he bought another from the same litter because he missed it so much. Then the original turned up 5 years later at an animal shelter. Now he has two dogs instead of one.


Presumed Dead

This is really unusual. Natasha Ryan ran away from home. Her parents didn't know. The police arrested a man for her murder. He confessed. He was on trial when she emerged again. She'd been hiding at her boyfriend's house for 5 years since she was 14.

Super Santa

Travis Ruggerio served in Afghanistan and came home, unexpectedly, for Christmas. To surprise his mom, Leslie, he disguised himself as Santa and came to her work at Ocean County Medical Center.

Facebook Found Him

Avril Grube saw her son leave with his father to go to the zoo. His father took him to Budapest instead. She wouldn't see him again for 27 years until her sister found her son on Facebook.

Dances With Wolves

Luke Sharmbrook is autistic. So when he went missing in the wilderness, it was a scary time for his parents. He survived 4 days and 4 nights and was found suffering from dehydration, exhaustion, and hypothermia, but he recovered just fine.


Everybody Needs Good Neighbors

Stephen Goosney and Tommy Larkin are brothers. They were separated at a young age and adopted. Then they decided to look for each other in adult life. It turned out that they had been living next door to each other for the past two years!

Walled Up

Gregory Jean's family thought he'd run away. In reality, his father and stepmother had walled him up in their home. They kept him there for four years before he was discovered and freed to rejoin the rest of his family.

Pure Accident

Klaus Mueller and Peter Beschorner are half brothers. Strangely, they only found each other because they were both trying to trace their father's life history. Neither knew of the other until staff at the International Tracing Service realized that they had a father in common. Peter was 67 and Klaus 76 when they met for the first time.

Triumph Over Terrorists

Amina Ali Nkeki was kidnapped by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram at her home in Nigeria. She managed to escape two years later to be reunited with her very relieved parents.


Truly Identical

Jim Lewis and Jim Springer are twins. They were adopted by different parents as children. Then they found each other 39 years later and discovered that they lived near-identical lives. Their dogs and sons even had the same names.

Addiction Reunion

Xiao Yun left home at 14. She came home at 24. Where had she been for 10 years? In an Internet cafe playing computer games. Her family had thought she was dead. Now they know better.

Not So Harry Potter

Danielle Cramer was abducted by Adam Gault and imprisoned in a cupboard for more than a year. Police found her and made sure she got home to her family.

Social Security Surprise

Julian Hernandez discovered he was missing when he found his father had given him a fake social security number. His school helped him track down the rest of his family, 13 years after his father had run away with him.