Tesla's employer was charged with DUI after the 3 crashing model in California

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A Tesla employee was accused by DUI and obstructing the work of a police officer after breaking Model 3 in Morgan Hill, California, at approximately 3:45 am on Saturday morning, Colin Flynn, 38, overtaken a return and climbed about 70 meters, passing over Coyote Creek and eventually collapsing in the farthest bank of the brook.

When the police arrived on the stage, Flynn refused to take a breath test or provide a blood sample. Shortly thereafter, the police got a warrant and managed to take a blood sample and place Flynn in the jail of Santa Clara County.

Flynn claimed the officers collapsed after he struggled to avoid deer, but police believed alcohol was the most important factor

Taking on Facebook, the Morgan Hill Police Department said that Tesla was in the the latter taken from his precarious position

. "After many hours, Tesla 2017 was finally removed from the creek, which was not an easy task. Officers saw no dear in the area but advised all drivers to do the following when driving to Morgan Hill: 1. Keep a look for deer 2. Drive at a safe speed 3. Do not drive beat / buzzed. "

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