The Alfa Romeo Compact SUV will replace the Giulietta

The future of Giulietta is always at stake. The compact SUV Alfa Romeo could be the model intended to replace the segment C. We are not talking about the model name, but just the type of car. The berlinetta compact five-door, which from 2010 “held” the market of Biscione until the arrival of Giulia and Stelvio might have no future.

 The SUV Compact Alfa Romeo will replace the Giulietta
A render of the compact Alfa SUV

The SUV remains the central ideatogether with the medium sports sedan, for Alfa. And above all it represents a global productwhile Giulietta is a national modelwith continental fatigue. From this point of view the market leaves no alternative. The new C-segment model will likely turn to the Sport Utility formula. Using the platform Giorgio the double option of all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive would remain available. This model should have a shortened version.

 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sport
Giulietta in the special Sport set-up

The times begin to tighten. The compact Alfa Romeo should be presented in 2019 and arrive on the market in 2020. Exactly ten years after the Giulietta. Like the other cars of the Biscione will be produced in Italy. In Cassino, together with Giulia and Stelvio, or perhaps more likely to Pomigliano d 'Arco, given that precisely in 2020 the production of Fiat Panda should return to Poland.

Mild Hybrid also for the compact SUV Alfa Romeo?

I engines for that date, or in the second measure, could have a version mild hybrid petrol – electric. The compact Alfa Romeo SUV will also be hybrid, although the 1.4 and 2.0 petrol and 1.6 and 2.2 diesel engines will still be important at least in the medium term. The small SUV was one of the missed promises of the Biscione over the past decade. Alfa in 2003 presented the drawings of Kamala sport utility derived from the excellent Alfa 147.

 Alfa Romeo Kamal, sketch of the 2003 SUV concept on basel Alfa 147
Alfa Romeo Kamal, sketch of the 2003 SUV concept based on the Alfa 147