The Audi TT RS is the perfect entry point in the 400 hp club if you can afford it

Using 400 horses on the road requires a certain skill, but the Audi TT RS 2018 seems to be easier than you think.

The Quattro transmission combination with the seven-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission means the handle is always there, and changing gears is just a pull on a pallet.

Add to this five-cylinder five-cylinder 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine that makes 400hp and 354lb ft and one of the most personal soundtracks on the segment, and the TT RS suddenly becomes a more attractive package than its style might suggest difficult approach.

Right-hand performance is easy to compare with a much more expensive metal because the German coupe can reach 60 mph in a moment in just 3.6 seconds and will not stop until it reaches the speed of 174 km / h if you tick the optional Dynamic Plus package.

Despite the impressive numbers, the TT RS remains a friendly car to drive quickly, with an easy-to-limit control subwoofer. It may not be the most fascinating sports car out there, but it makes quick progress with the slightest effort on the part of the driver.

As Carlos Lago of Edmunds explains, the TT RS is an impressive car, but at its price, the competition is really rigid.


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