The list introduced its own television. It will also be in DVB-T, starting on Friday

 Television List
Television List

Here it is, The list today, according to the panel, made a press conference The list will be broadcast, but I'm only going to demo the demo, the sharp start is on until Friday, January 12th at 7:00 pm So much TV will be every day to start a new day (9:00, 12:00 and 14:00) will broadcast current news from home and from the world of living inputs

The main program block but from 18:00 to the beginning of the evening, which will be followed by about 20 different media reports, which will bring them to the public © like Jindra's Salon, Sabina Slonkova, Jiri Kubek, Václav Dolejšá and others.

 Večerné programové schéma
Večerní programová schéma Televize Seznam

â € “We bet on the original Czech content that the audience will find only with us, â €” explains Jakub Unger, Director of the News and TV Division, and delivers: The format of our television is different from the traditional model of news stations, in the program with live interactive studios and high quality, in-depth, â € œ

Television The list will be available nationwide in terrestrial, satellite, cable broadcasting Several IPTV operators. With the specialty of O2 TV, the archive will be hosted, with DVB-T going to HbbTV again with access to the Archive

In DVB-T, the list will be broadcast in the third multiplex . The list used the last free space and did not have the data flow next to it. The judge of the bitch is technical quality very poor.

DVB-T: Multiplex 3 Czech RadiokomunikacÃ
  • DVB-S: Skylink

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