The return of the legendary Alpine A110. On the road and on the track grit to sell

Compact, lightweight, agile. Five years after the announcement by the Renault Group, the moment has come for the debut of the new Alpine A110. Worthy heir of that car that in the 70s made head spin for its beauty and for the victory of the 1973 world rally championship and the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1978.

 Alpine A110 Premiere Edition

It is not a nostalgic operation of a facadea model that proposes different values ​​behind a style and a name from the past. No, those of Renault have built a autonomous division. That has been able to replicate in a modern key the values ​​of a pure sport, without compromise, as you do not see many around. Re-activating the production right in the torico factory in Dieppe in Normandywhere the Alpine of the 70s were produced.

Aestheticallyin the front this A110 directly recalls the historical ancestor starting from the additional circular projectors that seem to be added later. The tail, on the other hand, is all new, but here too, it stands out from the mass (of sports) for the absence of a spoiler of which it can do without. This thanks to the flat bottom that allows you to manage the aerodynamic flows “from below”.

L just greases 418 cm180 wide and 125 high, Alpine A110 is really compact and reaches an aerodynamic cx of 0 , 32. Light, thanks to the all-aluminum body and the elimination of all the superfluous, weighs just 1080 kg with weights distributed to 44% in the front and 56% in the rear. Where the engine houses, 1.8 Turbo four-cylinder 252 hp. That allows you to do 0-100 km / h in 4.5 seconds and stops the maximum speed at 250 km / h only for the self-limiter.

Inside the Spartan interior only apparentlyprecious materials and excellent finishes ,. Sporty but comfortable driving position, Getrag 7-speed dual clutch transmission. Equipped with aluminum blades, button for setting the guide (Normal, Sport and Race) on the steering wheel

Alpine 110: how it goes

Waiting for the serial versionswe have tested on the road and on the track the Première Edition1,955 copies for the launch sold to 58.500 euros in just five days. Great satisfaction on the streets of every day. Where this model can be comfortable even in the city with a rough coat. Except to unleash and unleash its power as soon as the roads become more demanding. The real pleasure of driving, however, is appreciated in track. Where all his qualities of light sports come out, very agile but at the same time attacked to the asphalt.

Antonio Calitri