The University of Michigan, the role played by the autonomous machine crisis

Students at the University of Michigan are trying to address a problem that the automotive industry will have to do in the future: what to do if autonomous systems fail

In total, there are thirty teams up four six students play the role of this crisis scenario, all shot for a $ 3,000 scholarship as part of the Stephen M. Ross School of Business School of Business School

According to Autonews students first learn the details of their crisis scenario, just like a regular automobile manufacturer, would be through social media, email, phone calls and direct meetings. "There is a significant uncertainty as to how the industry will form around autonomous vehicles, what factors will differentiate the winners from the losers in the market, which legal and regulatory infrastructure will evolve and how it ultimately affects society " said Brian Flanagan, Executive Director of the Leadership Center of the Business School

. He added that in scenarios where there is no driver to blame that produce the technology will be directly on the cruiser. "

Automakers, such as Tesla, have already dealt with the Autopilot technology response back in May 2016 when there was a fatality on a S model and the number of allegations that its autonomous technology is not still ready and confident