Toyota GR Super Sport, Gazoo Racing signs the 986-horsepower concept

Toyota GR Super Sportthe concept from 986 horses signed Gazoo Racing. The Toyota branch dedicated to competitions presented this prototype on the eve of Tokyo Auto Salon. The similarity with a car that participates in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) is evident. At the moment there are few road elements, but Toyota's goal is that

Rather than turning a production car into a racing car, our goal is to understand how to channel our know- how to compete in a road car“said Shigeki Tomoyamapresident of Gazoo Racing. “This is the starting point of the new Toyota challenge. Develop sports cars starting from real racing cars. I hope the GR Super Sport gives you a taste of what we are looking forward to with our next generation of sports cars. “

The only details revealed by Gazoo Racing are those concerning the engine. The GR Super Sport concept will have the same engine as the TS050 Hybrid which participates in WEC. This is the 2.4-liter twin-turbo V6 that will be mated to the Toyota Hybrid System. The combined power is 986 horses

The technical data stop here. From the images we can see how the racing details are clearly predominantly, if not totally prevalent, on the road ones. There are no optical groups or traditional doors and windows. In short, nothing that makes you think of a road. Many seem aerodynamic details from the track. The front air intakes, the central fin, the adjustable rear wing.