Toyota takes away all the diesels from the range in Italy

Toyota removes all diesels from the range in Italy. Goodbye diesel engines for three important models of the Japanese brand. It is the utilitarian Yaristhe compact Auris and the SUV RAV4.

The operation is called Diesel Free. Since last 1 ° January 2018the rangepassenger car has abandoned the diesel engines. The diesel remains operational on Toyota's off-road vehicles and commercial vehicles. OrHiluxLand CruiserProace and Proace Verso. Alongside the hybrid engines, only the units petrol 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 will be available on the small and compact segments.

An important choice that is against the current at this time. In Italy, the diesel in 2017 covered 57.6% of the market.

Then AygoC-HR and to the family Prius are added Yaris, Auris and RAV4, models on which diesel engines will no longer be available. The aim is to significantly reduce the impact of fine particles and NOx on the country's ecosystem and on human health. In addition all the models mentioned above, (ad at the time of Aygo) will be available in the hybrid version able to reduce consumption and emissions and ensure better air quality.

Toyota aims at 5.5 million electrified cars

This important decision confirms Toyota's willingness to continue the process of electrification [19459003oftheircarsthebasisoftherecentlyannouncedtargetofsellingby 2030over 5.5 million of electrified cars per year, including 1 million of zero emission vehicles (BEV, FCEV).

The hybrid flies in the market

In 2017 important results arrived for the hybrid: + 71% compared to 2016). The sales results recorded in 2017, exceed the threshold of 89,000 cars sold. A volume that had not been touched since 2008, the last year before the recession. 180,000 Italians chose the hybrid Toyota and Lexus. That is over 60% of the group's total sales.