Toyota unleash Yaris upgraded to the World Rally Championship

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See this? It's a Toyota Yaris. But not just any old Toyota Yaris .

As you've probably figured out in the pictures (if not the title), this is the new Toyota contender World Rally Champion revealed at Autosport International before the rally season.

The 2018 is based on the version that the Japanese manufacturer entered in the championship last year but benefits from some (19659003). This means a revised aerodynamic package, specially adapted for to generate more force in front for a better steering response. Also, the tweaked body helps to cool down the mechanical components below, which will be especially useful for some warmer calendar events.

Last year in the debut season, the Toyota team won two rallies – in Sweden and Finland – to land fourth in the drivers 'ranking and third in the manufacturers' championship. The competition will be no less fierce this year, but with the new equipment, Toyota may improve its already impressive experience and recover the crowns it won last time in the 1990s.