Track Crown Vic is ready to serve, protect and have fun

While Ford Crown Victoria is not exactly known for its racing skills, this Interceptor 2008 seems to be ready to do just that.

What you are looking at here is a heavily modified interior, multiple chassis and improved maneuverability thanks to Motorsports, Energy Suspension and Tokico.

The result is something that Matt Farah has completely breathed for smoking, with the sense of direction, adherence and high nature. In fact, as soon as he started on the road, the word "NASCAR" came out of his mouth.

He also used superlatives such as "Miata fat", "awesome" and "shocking good", which is a pretty big achievement, considering the way the engine remained mostly stock , and the amount of horsepower produced was not so impressive. ] The only thing missing from this Crown Vic, so to speak, was the back seat that could have made this car so fun and practical