Here’s How To Save Big Bucks On Travel

It seems like the more you need a vacation, the less likely you are to be able to afford one. Although this isn't always true, it sure does feel like it while watching the prices rise on air fare and Groupon packages. But what if there's a way to get around these high prices? What if it's actually possible to take that week off and come back to a livable amount of money in your bank account? After asking a few travel agents nd vacation writers, it turns out this dream might just be achievable. Here's a few thrifty tips that will save you money on your next getaway!

1. Remember The Tuesday Rule

It's important to know that Tuesday is an important day of the week in the air travel industry. If you can travel on a Tuesday or even Wednesday, there's a good chance you'll snag the cheapest flight of the week. Most people do their traveling on Thursday, Friday, or over the weekends. It's during this time that prices rise since there is a high demand for them. According to news outlet CNBC, although there's no magic day to purchase the best deals, the cheapest days to travel are Tuesday, followed by Wednesday, and then Saturday. Of course, there are also many price tracking sites that exist, and some sites even show long-term price estimates for flights, so you can plan your vacation around your budget.

2. Ditch The Hotel

Hotels are great, but with a new generation of travelers, hotels have taken a huge hit. Just like how Uber and Lyft are changing the world of land transportation, Airbnb and VRBO are doing the same to the hotel industry. These services are very similar and you can find great deals on short-term house rentals instead of booking a bunch of hotel rooms for larger travel parties. There are also smaller sites in almost every city that will have a listing of units available for travelers to rent. You can also use a home-sharing app and basically stay in a new city for free "in exchanger caring for someone else's home and pets. Kelly Hayes-Raitt, who traveled the world for four years straight came across tricks during her travels. She said, "I get unpaid accommodations, a kitchen to make my own meals and other homey perks like free cable and DVDs, use of a car, and no nickel-and-dime fees hotel tack on." This is a great way to stay in a city without spending a ton of money.

3. Book Directly


Airlines offer more flexibility and cheaper fees than third-party sellers.Many websites will wade through the internet for the best deals, which is a great option if you lack time or organizational skills-but then you usually get stuck with little options and little flexibility. Use sites like Skyscanner or Google Flights to find the cheapest flight, and then head over to that airline's site and book directly through the airline. When you book directly, you'll probably get cheaper flights, and more options and flexibility for your trip.

4. Be A Little Impulsive

Asking for a "cheap flight to anywhere" doesn't really work like it used to. Back in the day you could walk up to a ticket counter and get a cheap and last second booking for an undersold flight. It was great if you didn't actually care where you were going.Today, most flights are overbooked, and last minute flying can actually be more expensive, not less. Try signing up for your favorite airline's email list. This way you can see any last minute specials, and you can build a trip around what's cheap.To improve your odds of scoring a good deal, try to visit less popular cities. For instance, Aspen, Colorado is a beautiful ski town, but also busy and very expensive. Beat the crowds by going to places like Lake Tahoe, Nevada, or Brian Head, Utah.