This Man Saw This Dog Alone At A Gas Station And What He Found Out About Him Broke His Heart

When Tyler Wilson noticed  a lonely dog wandering around the gas station by himself, it broke his heart. He had seen the dog many times here before and  he was confused as to why the dog seemed so friendly, but it seemed like nobody would claim him. In an effort to help the lost dog, Wilson checked the animal's ID tag, what he found brought tears to his eyes.

First Meeting

In January 2017, Tyler Wilson was visiting a gas station in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Although nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary while he was filling up his car, he spotted something strange out of the corner of his eye. There on the forecourt was a dog, wandering around by himself.

Lonely Yellow Labrador

The pooch he saw was a sweet yellow Labrador Retriever. Although the dog seemed friendly, and seemed to walk right up to Wilson, he was confused as to why the animal was all alone in such a strange place.

Well Known Dog

Wilson realized that he had seen the dog earlier. He told The Dodo, "I've seen the dog a couple weeks before around that area. So when he came up to me at the gas station and sat next to me, I was like, 'This dog has been lost for a while." As a result, Wilson became concerned about the dog's welfare. He wondered if the dog had decided to make the gas station his home, and the young man was unsure how he could help.


The Friendly Retriver

While looking down on the Labrador, he noticed something unexpected. Although it seemed the dog had been a stray, he still wore a collar with a tag handing down from it.

The Blue Collar.

Wilson decided to check the metal disk hanging from his collar for any information he could gather about the dog's home or owner. However, what he read on the tag warmed his heart and he felt a weight lifted off his shoulders.

Dew The Dog

The ID tag revealed that the dog's name was "Dew". The metal plate read, "I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home." Wilson realized that the dog was simply a free spirit, and this realization came as a huge relief to Wilson.

He Was Okay

Wilson told The Dodo that, "Once I saw it, we both looked at each other, and I knew he was okay. It was so cute. I pet him and even hugged him. He got me a little wet from the rain, but it was worth it."


Famous Pup

Now that Wilson had connected with Dew, Wilson knew he had to learn more about the dog. Curiously enough, he discovered that Dew was famous amongst the locals for his escapades. In fact, the lab even had his own Facebook page dedicated to documenting his adventures.

Contacted By The Owners

Wilson decided to take his meeting with Dew to social media, tweeting about how he wanted to meet Dew again. Shortly after, the dog's owners contacted him through Twitter. "He is home napping," his owner, Mandey Lee replied. "He had date at the fire department this evening, but he will try to fit you in later this week!"

Dew's Friends

Even though Dew had countless friends within the town, he always returned home to his family. They told The Dodo, "Dew loves to make new friends. Fortunately though, Dew is chipped and wears a GPS tracker so when his sneaky little self gets out and about, we always know where he is! He just likes to spread the love."


Interview With Buzzfeed

Lee gave an interview with Buzzfeed, and said about Dew that, "The firehouse guys just love him, he has even been on rides with them. The ladies on our street will cook extra steak or hamburgers just to save them for when Dew comes by."

Dew’s Sister

The Lees have had Dew for more than six years. They also own a black Labrador retriever named Lili, who they call Dew's sister. Apart from his adventures around the town, Dew lives a relatively normal life.

Farm Dog

Lee refers to Dew as simple a "family farm dog". When he is out exploring, his owners do everything in their power to make sure that he is safe. Lee told Buzzfeed, "He is very monitored, does not go far, is home every night and does not miss a meal."

Over 22,000 followers on Facebook.

When Dew is at home, he's not enclosed whatsoever either. The family lives on a 70-acre farm, but although he lives in such a large yard, he just can't resist wandering far and wide to make new friends. In fact, the dog has touched hearts from all over,  gathering over 22,000 followers on Facebook.


Various Travels

The social networking site is also where Dew’s family share photos from his life on the farm. Additionally featured are those documenting his various travels in the nearby area. And among the many posts on the page is one that reveals the canine’s soft and caring nature.

Dew Visited a Woman's Porch

A post fro January 2017,  told the story of when Dew ended up at a woman's house. It read, "A lady called us saying Dew was at her house, She lived two streets over. She was on her porch crying and really going through a hard time. Dew had come up on her porch and consoled her."

A Loving Dog

Lee said that they told the woman they would come get him if he was bothering her. The post continued, "She said no. He was her angel that night and she would tell him to go home when she went inside. He is such a loving dog."

sharing him with the world.

So, while letting pet dogs roam free is not recommended, it seems that the whole community keeps a watchful eye on Dew. And, as long as they know he’s safe, the dog’s family don’t mind sharing him with the world. After all, he simply has too much love to give to keep him to themselves.