33 Years After Their One And Only Date, Woman Learns Why There Wasn’t A Second

33 years ago, Karen Lynch accepted a shy invitation to go bowling with classmate Rick Hayward. After spending a lovely evening together at the local bowling alley, Karen excitedly waited for Rick to call and ask her for another date. But that call would be a very long time coming...

Karen Thought They Had An Instant Connection

As a teenager in Willow Grove, PA, Karen was beautiful and outgoing. She thought her first date with Rick went great, and even described it as "having an instant connection."

Rick's Shyness Gets In The Way

Rick admitted to being smitten with Karen from the beginning. “I wanted to go out with her again, but I was very shy in high school."


The Second Date That Never Happened

Every time Rick tried to summon up the nerve to call Karen, his shyness would get in the way. He tried hard to overcome his timidity.

Too Much Time Passes

Rick explained, "Every time I went to pick the phone up I chickened out. Weeks went by…” After so much time had passed, Rick figured his opportunity for a second date was lost.

Rick Gives Up


Rick confessed, “I finally said, ‘I can’t call her now. It’s been far too long since that date, and she’s gonna be mad at me for not calling her.’ So, I gave up.”

Karen Was Heartbroken

After weeks went by, Karen knew the call she was waiting for would never come. "I thought we had a good connection, so I was disappointed," she remembered.

Two Young Loves Go Their Separate Ways

Weeks turned into months, and months turned into years. As the time passed, both Karen and Rick graduated high school and moved on with their lives.


Each Went On To Marry & Have Children

Rick and Karen went off to college. They both met their respective spouses there and were married soon after. Rick and Karen had several children.

Both Divorced Around The Same Time

After several decades of marriage, both Rick and Karen ended up getting divorced. In 2010, Rick found Karen on Facebook and the two happily reconnected.

Facebook Helps Them Reconnect

Rick was determined not to repeat his mistakes. After 33 years of regretting not having the nerve to call Karen, he knew this was a second chance.


Rick Didn't Waste Any Time

Rich confessed to Rachael Ray in a February interview, "When I saw Karen on Facebook again I started thinking of maybe what could have been."

What Would Life Have Been Like

Rich decided he didn't want any more doubt. “I finally got up the courage to ask her out on a second date 33 years later.”

The Call That Came 33 Years Later


Remembering the fun they had on their first date, Karen agreed to a second date. But she couldn't help but wonder why Rick never called the first time.

Finding Out Why

Rick finally confessed to Karen the reason why he didn't call her for a second date all those years ago. Karen forgave him for losing his nerve.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

It didn't take long for the pair to realize they were falling in love. Karen said, “Rick is an incredible person. He’s a gentleman. Best of all, he’s my best friend."


Love At Second Sight

Rick felt the same way. “Karen brought love back into my life and made me feel whole again. I don’t think I really knew what ‘your other half’ meant until now.”

Rick Decides To Make Up For Lost Time

Rick knew pretty quickly that he wanted to marry Karen. To make up for losing 33 years, he decided to arrange a wonderful surprise proposal.

The Proposal

Rick took Karen to the jewelry store to do some light "ring shopping." While she was looking around, the store clerk handed Karen a ring.


Will You Marry Me?

Rick slipped it on Karen's finger and asked, "Will you marry me?" As soon as Karen saw the ring, she knew she was going to say yes.

Another Surprise For Karen

Rick took his soon to be bride to New York for what she thought was some dress shopping. But little did she know, Rick had another surprise up his sleeve!

Rachael Ray Steps In


Their love story caught the attention of The Rachael Ray Show. Host Rachael Ray didn't want Karen & Rick to have to wait another day to get married.


Karen thought they were on their way to a dress shop when Rick pulled out an iPad. On the iPad was talk show host Rachael Ray!

Getting Married The Next Day

Rachael informed Karen they were to be married the very next day on their show. Turns out all of Karen's friends and family were already in New York!


Married On TV

On the most romantic day of the year, surrounded by their friends and family, Rick & Karen exchanged vows in the studio of The Rachael Ray Show.

A Love Story

Karen said, "We didn't expect to find this at 50, especially when it was somebody that you knew all your life." What a beautiful love story!