Hilarious Fishing Moments That Were Able To Be Caught On Camera

For many, fishing is a wonderful way to unwind from a long day and disconnect from city life or from the hustle and bustle of civilization. There's a calm atmosphere, great scenery, and a quietness you can't seem to find anywhere else. However, although fishing itself is a very calming venture when you spend multiple hours doing something, there is bound to be some unexpected situations that can occur. Luckily for you, we've managed to bond together all these unwarranted events that were caught on camera for your entertainment.

Certainly, a Catch Made In Heaven

This guy has managed to get the full package! Not only has he managed to grab the catch of the day, but he also managed to get a great catch in his other hand! A girlfriend that loves and supports him enough to let him take this picture, and trusting him that he won't drop her on her head. Honestly, with a fish that big, we'd be upset if she didn't let him take a picture.

Who Will Win?

Getting a fish to snag your bait is only half the battle it seems. The hardest part, is actually trying to real the fish in. Normally, it doesn't go down with a fight, and it looks like this fishy put up a real good one. We wonder what the outcome of this one was?

(Flood) Rush Hour

Heavy rainfalls can cause a plethora of issues, with the biggest being flooding. Flooding can be the reason why streets close down, and can also cause an insane amount of damage to buildings. It seems this guy has found the silver lining in the grey clouds! This guy isn't going to let a stupid flood ruin his fun! Good for him!


He's Laughing At You

Fishing means you'll probably spend a good amount of your day out on the water. For many, this isn't really a chore as it's a time for some people to sit backhand relax. Some people resort to putting there rod in a rod stand, allowing them to keep their bait in the water while you relax for a few minutes. Using these stands, it also gave this big fish the ability to laugh at all the fisherman, clearly he was showing that he would not be outsmarted by these guys.

What Sign?

Signs are everywhere, and there's a good chance they're posted there for your protection. Many signs that are placed, are usually there for a good reason. It looks like these people who are doing exactly what the sign is telling them not to do, are pretending that they can't read.

Two Nets Are Probably Better Than One?

Sure, a normal fishing rod is the most ideal and popular tool to use while fishing, but a net works out just as well if not better. This lady looks like she definitely knows what she's doing when it comes to using a net to fish. Since it looks like she's wearing a helmet and a mouthguard, this must be a pretty extreme sport.

Perfectly-Timed Photo

While spending all your time on the surface, you probably forget about all the beautiful things that exist underneath it. This snorkeler decided to check out the depths and all the sea has to offer. Luckily, he had a friend present with an underwater friendly camera. Even though it's not exactly a fishing picture, it's still a photo involving fish that everyone needs to see.


We're Definitely Here For The Fish

When a good place to fish is first discovered, it doesn't seem to stay a secret for too long. Eventually, fishers will take up the entire spot and you'll have to come incredibly early if you want to get a spot. However, it seems that it's not exactly the fish bringing all these fishermen to this particular spot. What else could it be......

When The Motor Dies This Is Another Way To Do It

Fishing with your buds is a great way to pass the time. It's just you guys out on the water, maybe having a few beers here and there, but unfortunately, hiccups happen. For these two guys, it looks like these two men, their motor died. So, what else is there to do, besides fix it? Looks like these guys got it figured out...hopefully they ended up going where they want to go.


When the seas are a little too crazy, you have to be careful. If you're not a total expert, you'll probably end up in a situation like this. This man underestimated how strong the water would be when he was heading out for his fishing trip. He ended up in what seems to be a very rocky situation. Unfortunately, his boat ended up paying for his bad decision.

Cuddle Buddies Forever

Most children have a toy or some sort of stuffed animal they like to sleep with. So, at that point can't the adults basically do the same thing? Hopefully this guys wife or girlfriend doesn't mind that her side of the bed is taken.. We're also wondering how in gods name this is comfortable....


Weird Flip Flops

Flip Flops are easy and affordable footwear for walking around outdoors with. They can be worn almost everywhere, besides a select few places. It looks like this guy has found the perfect set of flip flops for any fisher. Not only do they look incredibly lifelike (maybe they are lifelike), but they also look incredibly comfortable.

Pot(Hole) Of Fish

As we mentioned before, it seems these guys have got it figured out when it comes to fishing in natural disasters. Maybe it seems that these guys have figured out a way to fix the pothole problem.

A Wholesome Family Outing

When you have little kids, figuring out a family vacation can be extremely hard. You have to think of an activity that can be fun for the entire family. This couple seems to love fishing, and just wanted to share it with the rest of their family. So, they figured out a way to make it work. Sure, why not bring crib on the boat, it totally won't go wrong and will keep the little guy safe.

Same Teeth

With thousands of species of fish across the globe, there is a lot of different variations amongst them. Some are small, some are big, some are dull, others are colorful, some have interesting teeth? Although you may have never seen a fish with choppers like this, it doesn't mean humans don't have them.


Is This Really Needed?

We've gone through this already, signs are placed for a very good reason...most of the time. However, many times there are signs that can just be ignored. For example, this sign that says, "no fishing or diving from the bridge," is totally unnecessary since you need water to do that.

Young At Heart

Fishing can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone of all ages. For young children, it's incredibly exciting to think that you might catch your own fish, for older folks it's relaxing and easy. This guy certainly shows that fishing can be enjoyed by the younger generation, and the older generation. It also shows that you can never be too old to enjoy a day in the wilderness. This guys heart is very much there, and it seems that nothing is going to stop him from enjoying his favorite pastime.