Macaulay Culkin Opens Up About His Times At Neverland Ranch

Macaulay Culkin has been loved all around the world since the movie Home Alone debuted. He was the ultimate child star of the 1990's, known for his adorable face and mischievous personality, but what many didn't know were all the struggles he was facing off-screen.

Culkin's life changed dramatically as he went from one of the most lovable childhood stars to into a dark, depressing lifestyle nobody saw coming. From his questionable relationship with Michael Jackson to his traumatic relationship with his family, we have all the details from a recent candid interview that explain the events that lead up to his troubled life.


How It All Began

After detailing the abuse he received at the hands of his own father as a child, Macaulay recalled how the Jackson family  reached out showing him the support and love he lacked at home. Culkin explained, "There’s no child actor self help group."

He remembers first meeting Michael Jackson when he was doing performances of The Nutcracker in NYC. "He came backstage before the show. He loved dance, he was a dance man...I remember he looked at me like, ‘I know you from somewhere. Oh, ‘Uncle Buck,’ yeah you’re funny.’ Then after Home Alone came out, he reached out to me and my family."



Sleepovers At Neverland Ranch

The two had quite a special friendship, they bonded quickly because they were both child stars pushed by their parents to achieve great things. Neverland Ranch provided a place where they could be themselves, without paparazzi or fans. The famous estate was stocked with endless varieties of sweets, a carniva,l and more! Macaulay was often a guest at Michael Jackson’s infamous sleepovers, even sharing the bed with him.

The Raid

In 2003, over 70 police officers raided the premises of Neverland Ranch finding things that were beyond disturbing,  including a “collection of pornography that included images and footage of naked children and adults, as well as animal torture, bondage, and sadomasochism.” Macaulay publicly supported Jackson when people started blaming him for all of the misconduct found at the estate.


Shocking Letter Found In the Estate

Out of the many horrific discoverings, one of the most disturbing was a photo signed by Macaulay Culkin saying "Don't leave me alone in the house." What may have seemed like a cry for help, was in fact just a reference to the film. He explained that Michael Jackson called him up after seeing the movie and invited him to his ranch, emphasizing that he was never abused or felt unsafe during the times they were together. Through and through, he refused to let his friend’s reputation be destroyed.

The Odd Pair

Though their relationship was certainly perceived by many to be quite bizarre to say the least, with a 22-year age gap, the two remained close until Jackson's last days. Macaulay has even taken on the responsibility of Godfathering Paris Jackson, which he didn't want to talk about on Marc Maron’s podcast, recent interview. We don't know what's certain or not, but rumors have flew that the Home Alone star is actually the paternal father of Paris.

No Longer a Child Star

After a financially successful sequel to Home Alone, Hollywood decided to make the movie a trilogy. Macaulay was not interested in getting involved. A new cast of characters tried to fill his shoes but left fans wondering how Kevin McCallister turned out as an adult. Macaulay was in the 2015 web series :DRYVRS. In this series, we got a glimpse into the chain-smoking, nail-polished Kevin.


Married At 18, Separated at 20

Macaulay achieved financial stability very quickly. At the age of 17, he announced his intention to marry actress Rachel Miner. She and Culkin loved watching movies and spent a large amount of time taking care of stray cats. Unfortunately, this marriage was short-lived: the couple separated in 2000 and finalized their divorce in 2002.

Mila Kunis Never Wanted Marriage

Macaulay and Mila Kunis dated for eight years but they never decided to take the next step and get married. Macaulay had just exited a marriage, and Mila revealed that she was against marriage since she was 16. Eventually she did end up marrying Ashton Kutcher.

Among The Highest Paid Child Actors

Starring alongside comedy legend John Candy earned the eight-year-old $40,000. It was a large amount of money for his modest family at the time. Christmas 1990 changed everything! Home Alone made $476 million worldwide and the sequel made $359 million. These successes gave Macaulay such a high value as an actor that he was paid $8 million for his part in the 1994 film Richie Rich.


Hosted SNL At Age 11

Comedians sometimes get the honor of hosting the comedy program Saturday Night Live after a long proven career. Macaulay skipped the line and hosted the show at age 11! This remarkable record is only eclipsed by Drew Barrymore, who hosted SNL at age 7 after her role on E.T.

He Never Knew How Much He Was Making

Having millions in the bank can be a blessing and a curse. Many people end up blowing their money on frivolous, impractical things. This leads to them quickly realizing that they are broke. In order to protect Macaulay from this experience, his father hid newspapers from him. This ensured that he didnt know how much he was making.

Grew Up Very Poor


Kit Culkin and Patricia Brentrup lived very modest lives before Macaulay’s success. Kit worked at a Catholic church as a sacristan, setting up mass while patricia was a telephone operator. All seven kids lived in one room on bunk beds. Macaulay would sometimes crawl under the bleachers at the theater to look for change that had fallen out of people’s pockets.

Dad Was Intense Manager

Although Kit Culkin had some success as an actor, he never achieved what his son did. Kit managed Macaulay’s career while gaining a reputation as a ‘stage mom’. Kit would negotiate with movie executives for vast sums of money for the sequel to Home Alone, which he got.

His Band Was Viciously Booed Off Stage

In 2013, Macaulay and his musician friends decided to form a band. They named the group, The Pizza Underground. The Pizza Underground featured a pizza box percussionist, who made music from cardboard. Unfortunately, not everyone liked the music. The band was showered with beer and booed off stage during the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham.

No Pressure


Macaulay has been focused on quality over quantity as an artist. He has always said that he would rather do one cool project a year than a bunch of average ones. This freedom is most likely due to his lack of economic pressure, as he had made enough money to live for the rest of his life.

Appeared In MJ Music Video

Outside of performing on the big screen, Macaulay enjoys flexing his stage-acting muscles. Surprising to most but he does have classical training in ballet from the School of American Ballet. He played Fritz in Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker at the famed Lincoln Center. This is when Michael Jackson visited him backstage to introduce himself and the pair became close friends. Macaulay appeared as an irreverent tween in Michael’s music video for “Black or White” in 1991.

Has Two Unequally Sized Eyes

Macaulay has always been famous for as long as he can remember. One of the strange things about this level of fame is that your “home movies” are publicly-viewed Hollywood movies. This high level of being in the spotlight has led to an intense self-awareness. He realized that he has two unequally-sized eyes.


Kids’ Unflattering Nickname For Dad

During the 1995 custody battle between Culkin’s parents, Macaulay and his siblings had an unflattering nickname for their dad: ‘stinky’. There were allegations that Kit forced Macaulay to sleep on a couch instead of a bed, just because he could. He wanted to just show him who’s boss.

Macaulay Has Agoraphobia

Macaulay admits to being agoraphobic, an extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places. Perhaps this came from the endless pestering from paparazzi and fans. It’s understandable that he prefers to stay inside away from people considering a crowd of fans once mobbed his trailer.

The Stool

Macaulay, like all other kids, attended high school. It was nothing like other kids’ experiences though as this was a school where a vast majority of the students were child actors or dancers. He had a group of twenty friends who would hang out daily in the family high-rise. Eventually he got an extreme case of senioritis, where he would refuse to sit in the chairs provided by the school. He instead insisted on sitting on a stool that he moved between classrooms.


Ex-wife Rachel Miner Thought He Was A Jerk

When Macaulay’s future wife Rachel Miner moved schools to meet the already iconic 14-year-old, she introduced herself by name. Macaulay apparently welcomed her to the school but never reciprocated with his own name. Miner got the impression he was a jerk. They broke up and got back together 3 times before finally marrying on the fourth try.

Secret Wedding Location

Macaulay has been dealing with paparazzi snapping photos of him as long as he can remember. The media would have mobbed and probably ruined the small wedding he and Rachel Miner planned. He had to inform guests of the location using a bizarre scavenger hunt to find the ceremony. First the guests were directed to a hotel, where they learned of the coordinates of the Connecticut home where the picnic-like, casual ceremony was being held.

RIP Macaulay


Death hoaxes spread like wildfire on the internet, with concocted stories about the passing of Bill Murray, Jerry Springer and Bill Nye among many others shared countless times. Macaulay was also rumored to have died in 2014, and responded in the most epic way. He posted a photo on Twitter of himself with eyes closed, playing dead while re-enacting a scene from Weekend At Bernies. At the time of the hoax, he was on tour with his band, and opened their Austin show by yelling, “I’m alive!”

Relationship With Jordan Lane Price

After his eight-year relationship with Mila Kunis ended in 2011, nobody knew much about his dating life. In 2013, he was seen in Paris with new sweetheart, Jordan Lane Price. She stars in the online reboot of All My Children. He spent time with her in restaurants, with no holds on public displays of affection.

Brother Was Also In Home Alone

Macaulay’s father was a Broadway actor, and his aunt Bonnie Bedelia is an actress with brand name credits like Die Hard and Parenthood. Kit had plans to make his kids into thespians as well. Along with Macaulay, his brothers Kieran and Rory are both actors. Kieran was also in Home Alone, playing Kevin’s younger, bespectacled cousin Fuller. Rory starred in the hit movie Signs.


Godfather Matches Goddaughter

Family relations have been at times strained in the Culkin family. Macaulay has overcome these issues and has become a loving individual towards his godchildren, especially Paris Jackson. They also recently got matching tattoos – a red spoon they both have adorned on their arms.

Macaulay The Writer

Mack is truly overflowing with creativity; he had his first book “Junior” published in 2006. He dissociates himself from the book and writing and says, “I am not a writer. I am a fraud, and you can quote me on that.” The book is unique and creative, with seven distinct endings. The book explores the rocky relationship with his father, but is not a straight memoir. it including sketches, poems and short stories.

60 Cigarettes A Day

Smoking cigarettes is a dangerous habit. Macaulay chose to ignore the warning labels and doctors. He allegedly would smoke a whopping 60 cigarettes per day! This is an alarming rate, and friends voiced their concerns that his teeth were yellowing, and his health was in decline.


Two Of His Sisters Died At 29

We have seen troubled child stars pass away at an early age, but we rarely expect tragedy from their out-of-the-spotlight siblings. Unfortunately, the Culkin family has seen a few. Macaulay’s half-sister died at age 29 resulting from an overdose of substances. Then, his older sister Dakota died also at age 29 after being struck by a vehicle in west Los Angeles.

Gaunt From Addiction?

The public worried dearly for Macaulay after he appeared gaunt and paler than he already was. There was a suspicion that his health was in decline after developing a severe substance abuse habit. In London, he was even mistaken for a homeless person trying to bum a smoke off some students at a bar. He has denied that he had any addiction issues and accused the tabloids of conjuring stories for profit.

Cleaned Up And Working


Macaulay has certainly been through ups and downs, but there seems to be some change. He was spotted looking as healthy as he’s ever been, dressed like a clean-cut hipster. This was on the same night as a dinner date with fellow former child star Brenda Song, with whom he is starring in an upcoming film, Changeland.

Lives In Paris To Escape Paparazzi

In many pictures of Macaulay snapped by the ever-present paparazzi, you can see that he is trying his best to cover his face by brushing his hair. This is a technique widely known by the rich and famous to ensure that paparazzi do not get the picture they need to get paid. Culkin took a more extreme, but permanent approach by moving to Paris, where the media is less in a frenzy about him.

Arrested In 2004

Macaulay was a passenger in a Pontiac speeding down the Interstate 44 when a squad car noticed them driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, and changing lanes without signaling. They were about to receive a verbal warning, but the nervousness of Macaulay’s companion tipped the cops off and the officer began to ask about what they had in the car. During a search of the vehicle, illicit controlled substances were found, and Macaulay was arrested and jailed, before being released on $4,000 bond.