The Most Ridiculous Ways Celebs Have Avoided The Paparazzi

Being in the spotlight isn't always as glamorous as it seems, especially when you're stalked day in and day out. Imagine a life where every time you stepped out the door, you're image had to be flawless from head to toe. With tabloids using tricks to exploit fame, it only makes sense that celebrities retaliate with a little game. Some as simple as hiding behind an oversize Luis Vuitton purse, while others go to as far as hiring body doubles. From Shia LaBeouf, to Benedict Cumberbatch and Leonardo Di Caprio, the pictures below will make you realize that even the most serious actors can sometimes see the funny side.

Emma Stone Makes Signs For Charities

Emma Stone and former beau, Andrew Garfield were spotted several times while out eating lunch together holding up signs they created to promote charities such as Worldwide Orphans and Autism Speaks.  Kind of makes you sad to see these two awesome humans broken up.

Daniel Radcliffe Wears The Same Clothes For Months On End

We have to give it to Daniel Radcliffe for this one, what a simple solution to make for useless paparazzi photos. While back in London, he dodged the paparazzi by putting on the same jacket and hat every time he left the theatre during the six month of production for the play, Equus.

Taylor Swift Walks Backwards


Swift has been spotted with her personal trainer hiking backwards just to hide her face from paparazzi. She was also seen, as you may have already watched, walking backwards in the parking structure of her friends home. Way to go T-Swift, interesting technique and backwards walking skills!

Kim Kardashian Fakes Paparazzi With A Look-Alike

We all remember the time Kim Kardashian called the paparazzi on herself, but now she's willing to spend $800,000 just to hide herself! Photo shows Kardashian on the life and her hired look-alike in Punta Mita, Mexico while on vacation. Nice try Kim!

Shia LaBeouf's Infamous Brown Paper Bag

Recognize this tactic? This isn't the first time Shia LaBeouf has used the brown-paper bag as a paparazzi dodger. At the 2014 premiere of Nymphomaniac, Shia LaBeouf covered a brown- paper bag over his head that said, "I am not famous anymore." We'll give him points for creativity, but wearing a paper bag over your head to a black tie event is probably not the smartest way to avoid attention.


Benedict Cumberbatch Uses Paper To Hide His Face

No need for an explanation here Cumberbatch.... We much rather see photos of Egypt too.

Benedict Cumberbatch Continues To Get Creative

Not much of a disguise, but we give him a B+ for sense of humor!

Jaden Smith Dresses Up As Iron Man

Jaden Smith has always been known for his eclectic sense of style, but we're still not sure on the meaning behind this silly disguise. Back in 2013, Smith dressed up in an Iron Man costume with his old fling, Kylie Jenner while on a public outing. Not so sure this disguise will last more than once, buddy.


Justin Bieber's Infamous Face Masks

Bieber has it pretty hard when it comes to hiding in the spotlight, whether it be from the crazy amount of crazy, tween fans  chasing him around or the typical paparazzi. So what does he do to "disguise himself" from the public eye? Masks wearing is his thing, he's been spotted in a gas mask, a gold mask, a V for Vendetta mask, and a Chanel ski mask. 

Katy Perry's Doughnut Pillow

She may be known for her eccentric fashion sense, but when she appeared from Miami International Airport with a giant stuffed doughnut and paparazzi weren't fooled one bit. She laughed it off and removed her doughnut pillow as she signed autographs for fans.

Leonardo DeCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has many years of practice, so you'd assume he would have some more complex tricks up his sleeve other than hiding under the hood of his sweatshirt. But DiCaprio appears to generally go for the easiest solution, or the by using whatever he has on hands (umbrellas, bags, masks) to hide behind the lens.


Blake Lively Making Use Of Her Bouquets

We bet Penn Badgley never imagined the beautiful bouquets he bought Blake Lively would be used as a paparazzi shield.

Harry Styles As A Nerdy Elephant?

Not really sure what look Harry's going for here, but we hope he can breathe in that mask!


Madonna hides behind a shawl with her children, Lourdes and David on her way out of the Kabbalah Centre in New York.


Gwenyth Paltrow Hides Behind Her Purse

Typical A-List celebrity move right here, hiding behind your oversized Chanel tote. Not the most creative of the bunch, but her consistency is on point!

Pharrell Williams As Spongebob

Pharrell, thank God you have a sense of humor because you aren't fooling anyone!

Robert DiNero Hides Behind Tablecloth


DeNiro uses whatever is accessible in order to dodge the paparazzi, even if it mean stealing a table cloth from lunch.

Alec Baldwin Hides Behind A Blanket

Did anyone know Casper the ghost is wandering the streets of New York?