Things You Just Don’t See At The Breakfast Table Anymore

When you were younger, you probably heard the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For many, it was a time to sit down with the rest of the family, and eating a full-balanced meal. It was also just a fantastic way to start the day. As years passed, times have changed, and so has the way many of us consume our first meal of the day. It seems as though everything is in a to-go cup, whether it's a bar of some sort, or a bunch of ingredients blended into a smoothie. Let's take a trip down memory lane and remember what exactly it was that made breakfast so special back in the day.

Toast On The Side

One thing we've noticed as the years go by, it's that more and more people are skipping the carbs. Back in the day, no matter what anyone ate for breakfast, there was always a piece of toast on the side. (Sometimes, toast was the entire meal). Many could have had an old-fashioned toaster like the one below, and many would just use the oven to make toast. Whether it was plain, or with butter or added spices, we have to say that it was a great addition to the meal.

Coffee From A Percolator

Oh, the days before Starbucks, Keurig, and fancy latte machines. Remember when coffee was made on the stove using a percolator? Not many people do. Do you also remember when kids took part in this warm beverage ritual? These days, that's unheard of.


Cereal With Table Sugar

These days, cereal is absolutely packed with sugar, which is why it's now not completely recommended for a meal. Growing up, many cereals were bran based or rice-based, and with that many kids were allowed to put a spoonful of sugar in the bowls. Nowadays, you won't find sugar on the table, or kids pouring it into their cereal.

Spam Cakes

There's a good chance that if you grew up in "The Good Old Days", you probably ate spam quite a bit. Maybe, you even ate it with your pancakes for breakfast. While these days, some kids might wrinkle their nose up at this suggestion, many can recall they were actually quite good. They were an easy way to give a little bit more filling to regular pancakes.

No Mugs

These days, you'll probably find a mug in every home or office, but before mugs, people used to drink their coffee/tea/milk from teacups or saucers. Although it's not really THAT big a deal, it's definitely something you don't see as much.