Unexpected Ultrasound Chanced Couples Life

Worth The Wait


Ashley and Tyson Gardner, a married couple from Utah, tried for 8 years to get pregnant without success. But one normal July morning chanced their life. Ashley's Ultrasound showed something nobody would have ever expected.



Ashley suffered from endometriosis, which is a rare disease, or rather condition that causes cells that normally live in the womb to actually grow in other places of the body. Every month theses cells break down, just like they would do during menstruation. This process causes the body to feel very tired and even to experience infertility, which was the worst for Ashley who desperately wanted to have a child. Fertilization of the woman egg is impossible with this condition.

One Last Try


In 2014 the couple finally economized enough money to try the last opportunity: In Vitro Fertilization. They wanted a child so badly, that they were ready to spend thousands of dollars on this method.

Fertility Injections


Every morning during one month Ashley had to undergo painful fertility injections. And she needed to do frequent blood tests at the same time, so they doctors can monitor the progress. IVF doesn't always work, so she needed to undergo a lot of treatment with this method and spending a lot of money on it without knowing if it will work out.

Painful Month


It was a really rough month for Ashley who had bruises all over her body from the injections and needed to take painkillers against the bad headache the treatment gave her. But she still kept it optimistic and was happy to try it.

The eggs


After the one month cycle was over, doctors could finally start harvesting the eggs. They've found 16 eggs in Ashley's womb. The couple started to get really excited, they were sure that one of these will be the one. And they could finally start with Embryo implantation, which means that the doctor combined the eggs with sperm for fertilization.

Only Two Eggs


With In Vitro Fertilization many embryos are usually considered as healthy for implantation. But in Ashley's case there were only two healthy embryos they could implant, so this was a one try chance in her case.


Agonizing Week


The Couple had to wait one week, which felt like eternity before they've got the results of the blood tests, who told if she was pregnant or not.



After 8 years of trying she is finally pregnant. The blood results were positive! A professional photographer captioned the emotional moment when the couple opened the letter with the results inside.

The Ultrasound


Until this day the couple still didn't know if one, or two of the embryos implanted, so actually there was a chance that she could have twins. They went in for their seven-week visit to the doctor for the ultrasound. And the result was actually quite surprising for everybody.

How Many??


The Ultrasound was really unexpected; Both of the embryos had split, forming two sets of twins. Ashley would be delivering quadruplets! The chances to do so is more or less about one in 800,000.

Going Viral


They've posted the amazing news on their social media to tell friends and family. Soon they've got the attention of networks like CNN and Good Morning America. The story became a viral hit.

Identical Twins


Unexpectedly it was an easy pregnant and On December 29, 2014, Ashley gave birth to four perfect little girls.
The babies were two sets of identical twins. They've named the four little girls Esme, Evangeline, Indie and Scarlett.

Happy Family


Even though they were quite exhausted, they couldn't be happier with their four little beautiful baby girls. Especially after 8 years of complications and trying.

Famous Babies


After the story went viral, the family was eve futures on TLC's Rattled, a TV show that documents the first year of parenthood. And the parents even keep updated a blog where they upload sweet photos of their girls.


The Homepage


They keep their fans updated on their homepage with adorable photos.

Photo Gallery Part 1


They've taken many photoshoots with the professional photographer Loni Smith.

Photo Gallery Part 2


The happy family after their babies were born.