These Odd Daytime Talkshow Captions Will Make You Question What’s ACTUALLY Going On

Daytime talk-shows are the lifeblood of American television, with everything and anything happening on them. Most of the time these shows hunt for the craziest people with the most off-the-wall stories,  and they rarely disappoint. I think we can all collectively agree though that the BEST part of daytime TV are the captions that accompany the guests. Whoever write these must have a field day! Let's take a look at some of the craziest daytime talkshow captions that we could find.

Darren: Wants a Drama-free Relationship

Dwight : Proud to Be a Prostitute

I'm 17... I'm Too Yuong to Be Your Baby's Father


Bob: Doesn't Trust Regina, That's Why He Watches Her Shower

Amanda (Afraid of Chickens): People Tease and Chase Her With Chickens

Amanda is About to Confront Her Fear of Chickens for the First Time

Ianieka: Admits She Eats 4 Rolls of Toilet Paper a Week


Sex for Free Chicken Wings?

This Man Married a Horse!


Chiquanna, 15, Says She Had Sex for a Lobster Buffet Dinner

Tina: Admits She's a "Barsexual" : a Straight Girl That Kisses other Girls to Gain the Attention of Men


Kieth : A Customer Service Rep in a Hypnotic Trance

You Cheated with My Teen Nephew... Is He Your Baby's Dad?

Is He Cheating for Free Pizza...?

Philippe & Donna: Engaged, Philippe Enjoys Watching Donna Eat and Gain Weight



Los: Says His Mistress Seduced Him With Free French Fries

Chris Says Tiffant Had Sex With All of his Friends So He Can't Be The Father

Cathy Says the Men in Her Family Have an Extra Big Toe and Crystal's Baby Doesn't

Brinkley: Says She Was Once Attacked By Ants That Came Out of a Flower