Underground Racing puts 2,500 + HP Lamborghini Huracan up to sale

Underground Racing have listed a very special Lamborghini Huracan with a crazy amount of power for sale. Made in 2015, this Italian exotic has only the watch, the majority for the test

This Huracan has a twin-turbo upgrade, which, along with other work done in the engine compartment, allows it to produce almost twice its original power, horsepower. Remember, it's on the pump gas; fill the tank with VP for gas import, and the tuner claims the supercar will drop a 2,500hp!

Unfortunately, Underground Racing has not revealed any performance, so we have no idea how fast this Huracan is at 96 km / h or how fast it can be at a distance of 1/4-mile .

However, in 2016, another twin-turbo modified Huracan by the same company reached 398 km / h during a 1/2 mile race on street tires, while an Audi R8 with the same power went up to the same distance to 393 km / h.

Another thing that Underground Racing will not reveal is the price of the supercar, but someone really interested in it should have no problem finding out how much I ask for it.