Unhappy employees? The welfare of the company to recapture them

Reduced Productivity, Public Feeling Fatigue Lack of Ideas and Proposals There are only some alarms that employers, a human resource manager or non-manager, can absolutely be underestimated. It seems that the issue is more than what you think globally is more than what is in Italy: According to Avon Hwyth, in relation to Belpaese, in fact 7 of his ten workers were "undesirable employees" "are dissatisfied with their professional position and also with regard to the company they work for.

Therefore, it is very important to understand why the weather of the company is negative and, fortunately, there is more research dedicated to this phenomenon, whose purpose is to reverse: the tool available to employers for the retirement of the worker For example, social welfare, as we have seen,

is profitable for the company but also improves the lives of employees

7 out of 10 employees are dissatisfied

Second, for one point, as pointed out by Avon Hwyth in the study of the "global process of engaging employees", the percentage of worker Bread were happy with their work, and their global presence in 2016 fell from 65% in 2015 to 63%. In Europe, the average is even lower: in fact, in 2016, 42% of its workers were defined as dissatisfied employees. In the Mediterranean, in particular, the decline of job opportunities independence and accountability, as well as the lack of opportunities in education and development are important factors

In addition, between Between 2010 and 2014, 40% of the interviews conducted by the Institute for Thinking for a large venue for an interview indicated that the motivation at work was reduced while Sodexo's review of the case Italy was focused, 7 out of 10 employees were dissatisfied

If this seems to be so widespread in Italy, similar studies and some specific investigations have shown that the underlying causes These Problems at Work

Most Causes

Some of the elements that determine this high degree of dissatisfaction have been suggested earlier and with the possibility that the employees devote themselves Participation Concrete in the company and thus, witnessed his own known efforts .

However, other causes that often determine the various forms of frustration are low cost Program difficulty an unhealthy work environment, contract instability, Lack of service In support of his or her opposing person and gender, he has problems with his colleagues and supervisors. These are signs that should not be surprising if we analyze the reasons why, for example, work in the Netherlands apparently, makes employees happy.

How to Identify Signals

 Worker Emphasizes

Although these sources always express their dissatisfaction clearly. Particularly if hide the type of communication problem, employers may need to pay particular attention to some of the signal which may indicate that something is not working.

The first indicator could be, for example, the lack of participation with delay, prolonged lunch disorders and the general isolation of the employee from the rest of the work environment. In other cases, dissatisfaction with the negative attitude appears which manifests himself through explicit criticism, failed opinions, refusal to perform his duties, and all the actions clearly reached which has caused the company's productivity deterioration Or office .

Finally, it is an indisputable but indisputable indicator of employee satisfaction in productivity assessment . If it is true that hurts too much work health and, not only, a dissatisfied employee will both qualitatively and slightly increase in achieving the proposed goals.

None of these signals are present. The dissatisfied employees in the company are, in fact, good news for the health of the company: in fact, Human Capital represents an irreplaceable source for reaching The goals of growth and success that each employer derives from this. As a result, immediate action is required to reverse the course, Caring for the welfare of the staff.

How to keep staff? The motivation and welfare of the company

  The happy staff After seeing these signals that can show the general level of dissatisfaction in the company, the first step is to ignore the fact that the return of the weather the relationship and Interchange at work. In fact, any solution can not ignore accurate and shared analysis of problems, and then find effective solutions .

Employer provided several tools for proposing to increase employee incentives. For example, create opportunities for education and professional development or create autonomy and growth spaces that increase the ability of employees, or even consider more elasticity of hours and smart solutions. 19659002] We should also not ignore the opportunities provided by the implementation of Company Welfare Policies . In fact, many employers have already been able to work better and often even happier employees to provide their employees with practical services that reduce their external concerns.

It is easy to activate a policy of this kind, thanks to the incentives provided by Law and the successful experiences applied by many companies. Just go to the most popular services to choose yours and choose, for example, a health plan which in some cases can cover the whole family of the employee [1965،9002] in the field of health, At the heart of most Italians, UniSalute offers collective and personal solutions, it plans to provide assurances for those who have already been covered and, in fact, expanding family members. An alternative to this company, proposed by SiSalute is a UniSalute Servizi division that manages and marketing non-health services such as flexible health care package packages that can be accessed by them. , A service at discounted prices at affiliate facilities .

After identifying, what can cause the presence of unhappy employees in the company the lack of solutions to the problem and finding a positive and constructive condition. Do you know them?

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