UPC speeds up Internet again. Upload does not change, price yes

The largest cable operator today introduced Internet pricing for 2018. Up to the highest rate ( last year Internet 500+ 500/30 Mb / s )

Time is accelerating, we are connecting to the internet at home for more than a month. our equipment and our customers call for a higher stability. That's why, following our significant investment in improving our innovative optical technology and network infrastructure, we've redefined our Happy Home offer and we're re-increasing transmission speeds for our customers, â € œ Martin Miller, general manager of UPC Czech and Slovak republic

Changing the speed from January 8, 2018

Old speed [19659005] 30/3 Mb / s50/3 Mb / s
100/10 Mb / s150/10 Mbps
Mb / s300/20 Mbps
500/30 Mbps500/30 Mbps

All UPC Internet tariffs will be increased by 30 Kc for the month. She apologizes for the increased costs of modernizing the site and the availability of new services. The two highest tariffs are, by the way, Horizon Go (TV Start with 30 channels)

In the new year UPC has prepared two promotions. Who will order Internet tariffs with TV (150 or 300 Mbps) from January 8 to April 30, 2018 will get a higher speed for 6 months. For tariffs (150 Mbps and exits) negotiated from January 8 to January 18, customers will not have to pay for the first three months. If you can save your speed faster, you can change it directly to Cnews.cz