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Fisker emotion: ' ' skeptical fisker', After the rise and fall of henrik fisker's former automotive venture a number of analysts and enthusiasts are skeptical about his newest company—fisker inc.&mdashand its first creation the emotion electric sedan.. Fisker . emotion, The emotion by fisker strikes a provocative balance of ev performance timeless design and nextgeneration vehicle technology. 400 mile range. 160 mph..
All-electric Fisker EMotion luxury sedan to debut in August
Allelectric fisker emotion luxury sedan to debut in august | Source:

Here’ sneak peek fisker’ allnew ultraluxury, Legendary car designer henrik fisker released some new images today of the forthcoming emotion an ultraluxury electric vehicle with a range of 400 miles and a top speed of 161 mph..

Who's Still Buying Brand-New Fisker Karmas, And Why?

Who's still buying brandnew fisker karmas and why | Source:

Fisker Karma first drive reviews - Page 5 - Fisker - Cheers and Gears
Fisker karma first drive reviews page 5 fisker cheers and gears | Source:

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Tesla's new 762hp model s p90d with ‘ludicrous’ speed upgrade does 1/4 mile in 10.9 sec | Source:

[VT4 MBT] Chinese VT4 main battle tank for export – World Automobile | China Auto Blog | Netease ...
[vt4 mbt] chinese vt4 main battle tank for export – world automobile china auto blog netease |

Fisker karma wikipedia, History. the fisker karma was revealed at the 2008 north american international auto show in detroit. it is the first car from fisker automotive a new auto maker based in anaheim california founded on 5 september 2007.. Fisker aims solidstate electriccar batteries, At first fisker had promised its upcoming emotion electric sedan would launch with revolutionary solidstate batteries. the company then backtracked in june saying the technology would not be ready..

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