Viziv Performance STI Concept, Subaru puts the WRX STI back on the road?

Subaru has always been known for its sports models . With engine boxer turbo and a all-wheel drive . In this furrow fits perfectly Viziv Performance STI Concept presented at Tokyo Auto Show . From the very bold, squared forms, with an evident aileron rear to double wing . The spirit is that of the legendary Subaru Impreza STI of the nineties. Cars protagonists in the World Rally and clearly recognizable on the road. Of icons. But Viziv Performance STI Concept could be a starter of the new WRX STI the brand's sports sedan.

Classic configuration. With the novelty of the hybrid?

The prototype presents the turbo boxer engine and the Symmetrical AWD the permanent all-wheel drive patented by Subaru . But the serial model could also have a more polite variant plug-in hybrid . All that remains is to wait for developments.

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