How Much Walking is Good for Health?

Simple, no-cost and non-use prohibited: Not only is a good walkbut it is available to every person who is often taken advantage for a long time considered a gentle exercise, noisy walk can benefit many of us, in particular in many ways: if done regularly, in Indeed, daily walking can be a significant psychological and physical benefit in time, in addition to a very valid preventive tooleven against many pathologist.

When we feel the need to take back, but we have not done any physical activity for a long time, it may even be difficult to show us the smallest goals: we want to be more active, but at the same time they encourage us. Let’s start our hands in a training program or start a new sport.

Walking for Health trainingIn addition, among our repeated goals, we lose not only weight but also muscle improvement: many of us need to correct their condition to reduce cholesterol levels in blood or by to increase metabolism. For this reason, it usually gives a stomach to the gym or begins at.

However, most of our power often encounters with more objective objectivity: “Yes, the walk is good, but I’m so tired, tonight,” or “cool, if today I’m going to run, I’m sure I’m angry, “statements that certainly conceal a fund of truth, but at the same time, betray a special discount. We are afraid that we will not be promising, and we will try to complete a training session after a long period of inactivity.

In fact, although every sport clearly brings several benefits to our health, it is advisable to consult your doctor before the start of an activity that requires a long-term commitment to be intense: if in fact the conditions Our body must be temporarily incompatible with sport, it is necessary to prepare our body for sustainability and how to progressive efforts. Often times, just start walking.

Daily treatment 10,000 steps

Automobile, scooter, public transport: Neighboring weather conditions and shortage of time Frequently allowed to overcome laziness and avoiding walking in short distances , Like it to or from work or supermarket.

However, currently in the 2000 test of 19459002, a research group of the Medical and Medical Department of Medicine in Japan. Some workers in the manufacturing industry have been invited to complete 40 minutes (about 10,000 steps) of daily walks ; the result was that people who walked for 12 consecutive days every day saw a measurable decrease. Attention to blood pressure and increased physical endurance, also showed improvement in tone. Subsequently, the international scientific community is increasingly embracing the value of this opportunity for people of both genders and between 25 and 65 years old who travel everyday.

So if we decide to accept the challenge, enough to achieve a step-by-step or integrated integration on your smartphone (except there are several programs free download) for Monitor your progress throughout the day and a long week. We will discover that for another person between 1.50 and 1.70 meters, is 10,000 steps of 6 kilometersand if, by doing a constant rhythm, this allows the whole process For burning 350 Kcal: In addition to doing well, walking will lead to excellent results, if we think it is starting to do so to return to the form.

 Walking the Heart of Health

Perform a Cardiovascular Exercise

Recently, we have lived with the dangers of a lasting life and how to lead an active life, on the contrary, is a prerequisite for preventing one’s health. Diseases Multiplicity this means that with sustainability in our unique lifestyle, we risk the risk of potentially harmful factors such as arterial blood pressure increased triglyceride in blood and high cholesterol levels Cardiovascular disorders is also discussed in non-biological subjects. In addition, it has been shown that only the fixed physical activity and controlled nutrition allow for the regulation of blood sugar, thus avoiding the risk of type 2 diabetes .

If we can first suggest to our doctor to perform a cardiovascular exercise, we can first consider: By joining a cardiovascular prevention program for example, we can monitor – among other things – Our current

Why is it a good hike for health?

In the absence of serious limiting factors (such as arthritis, arthritis and oral deformity), if we are at risk for our cardiovascular risk factors, we can lead us to a small number of weekly walks, with the aim of increasing Resistance and Best Physical Fitness: By investing several minutes a day, in addition to maintaining health, in the short term, many of the visible benefits can be gained Including: severely reduced cardiovascular risk ;

  • to stimulate and normalize thyroid function
  • for fixing the level cortisol in blood and reduce stress Not known, especially in anxious people;
  • to increase cognitive capacity and mood, thanks to the release of more endorphins
  • to improve the quality and regular sleep;
  • to optimize their athletic performance by simply changing the walking speed Or tilt;
  • Modeling Chocolate and Lighter Form;
  • Deflect yourself; Listen to music or podcasts on the way;
  • Chat and social life, if you walk around the company.

Inol Three Walk is a very diverse activity from the point of view of realization: we can, for example, go to our office (or to the station, if we commute), or to use a city park – in this The case may even combine walking with stretching exercises

or strengthening muscles. In short, the benefits to those who go on a regular basis are continuous and ongoing; however, some technical measures must be done to ensure that this physical activity is fully secured. We see them at a moment: First, let’s talk about the types of walking, so that we can choose to remain tedious.

 Walking old men

A recipe for walking every day

If our goal is of course for us to keep us healthy, of course, we are talking about different walking styles We have heard each one reinforcing a particular muscle group to burn more calories or path diversities thanks to the beautiful landscape or natural fragrances, then our style is best suited to the type of the Earth the method Our Level of Education

Urban Walk

The halfway between education and tour is very common in the metropolis and includes a long walk along the city center. Usually we prefer the paths along the historic sites, parks and art sites; according to the component urban discoverythis kind of psychological advantage comes from a lot of curiosity and rhythm No particular thing Convenient Walk (or Walking With Power)

By maintaining advanced speed Compared to our usual speed, we can achieve our health and beauty goals much faster: Walking is good, walking at a very steady speed without interruption for at least 30 minutes of continuous training. Often, proper walking is combined with the use of anklets or a weight of 1-2 kg to promote potentially topical muscles.

Nordic Walking

 Nordic Walking

Norwegian Walks Wood: They are used to preserve and maintain positions in different types The land – urban and mountains – is used on slopes and in the plains. Assuming this is not speed, it’s time synchronization between gadgets and legs: it is to keep the position to the right while holding the gun and shoulder soft and calm.

Trekking [19659011] Travels on urban routes, but often unavailable, require high and moderate training and special equipment. They often train with a team and a guy, they predict they can take 24 hours and stay overnight in tents or shelters and now that we know the main editions are pedestrians On we can also enjoy the simple daily walk.

Prevention Pills for Living in the Movement

Recommendations for those who are walking about a true sporting habit are often the same ones as those who start working, even if we restrict ourselves to making Urban trips At an average speed, it is necessary to obtain at least:

  • Transient seasonal clothingprotective and equipped with reflective insert;
  • Shoe , Cushions and cushions

Before we even evaluate certain equipment for our daily walk, it’s true whether our current physical conditions are based on long effort. If the answer is yes, then the value of using our new good habit is fully worthwhile to address cardiovascular risk and the combination of walking with proper diet and frequent monitoring of heart function.

Do you like Be good with walking? Tell us how you started and what benefits you followed.