Weight Form: Why It's Important and How to Calculate It

Coverages, Videos, Oral and Tooth: The arguments that focus around and the optimal physical form are often in the center of our discourse. Particularly for holidays, we tend to worry too much about our routine; sometimes, we will diminish the negative impact of weight diversification on our health or we do not know what energy balance is appropriate for our daily needs ..

In addition, we often believe that exposing a restricted diet to a few weeks is enough to restore our ideal form, regardless of the fact that chooses the most virtuous welfare of those who have long been and established with professionalism. Below we will discuss the issue of weight issue in summary and we will try to provide some points about its value with the goal of a significant reduction of metabolic risk factors and our overall health improvement.

The Importance of the Weight Formula Parameter

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The failure to achieve the ideal weight today is a very widespread problem in Western countries, since the same field is the most damaging to overweight diseasessuch as the types of cardiovascular, in the form of beautyin terms of beauty From a clinical point of view, in other words, if our physical appearance does not meet us, it is our duty, without a doubt, to Let's try to improve it, but without observing a rule of pure appearance.

By default, If we fit, and later, the best way to feed We are practicing the best possible way to get our physical form. Real weight is not really our image, we would love to be reflected in the mirror at the end of the weight loss diet: in fact, the effect of Clinicalbased on the so-called "body mass index" value as well as a set of structural and energetic factors

before contacting a professional who brought us In pursuit of our path to the best physical form for our style, it's useful to compare ourselves with our doctor, which can provide us with a comprehensive assessment of the combination of our body mass Essential factors Like:

  • Our clinical experience
  • We are currently suffering
  • the goals we want and we can address the possible risks associated with the operation of an uncontrolled diet.

If we want, we can ask him means the form of weight and helps us determine exactly how we can determine

Mass Index Body and its calculation method

 The body mass index
is one of our weights, the most expeditious and easy to calculate, without any doubt, the body mass index which in IMC IMC (in English , Its term is instead of BMIwhich is for the body mass index.

To calculate it, it is enough to weigh our weight in kilograms for our height square, in meters. The numerical value, which is generally obtained between 16 and 40, shows the relation between our height and weight: it is not considered at a certain threshold (24) inbeyond what is necessary Measures to protect our health

Benefits of BMI

Diversity of body mass index, we assess if we want to properly evaluate weight gain or weight in light of our weight standards. Definitely calculating independently can be based on gender, but without regard to the need for help from a professional to integrate data with a set of other values ​​that we immediately see.

IMC constraints [19659018] Unfortunately, the body mass index alone is not enough to determine the desired weight of a subject. In fact, it does not provide information about muscle mass and does not take into account the strange metabolism of each of us. Definitely the calculation of the IMC represents a valid starting point to inform its weight balance, but we can only define our fitness goal with the help of a recommendation We also consider our age, general health and the location of body fat.

Weight: Time and How

  Weighted Weight Balance

We refer here to many elements that affect our weight which can be defined as follows:

– concentration fat mass
– concentration 19659025] – energy consumption daily
– absent or more than physical activity
Metabolism and hormonal function
– Probability Water

In this way, we can feel how weigh ourselves, in all physical conditions, is not the same. According to many nutritionists, optimal weight should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach and after discharge, naturally always on the same scale and possibly away from any weekend routes or otherwise always On the same day of the week. [19659002] So we also realize that is obsessed with itself or even worse, several times a day is wrongbecause it helps us pay attention to a value Numerical merely improves the main goal. Our state of health

is a weighing issue that is actually at the center of many discomforts of patients with a need for weight loss. Especially if you are at the beginning of a hypocaloria diet, you can actually eliminate your weight in the wrong way, and undermining self-confidence and will is essential to continue in good practice.

If we then associate physical activity with our diet, muscle mass may increase to distort the resulting weight. Because of this, we prefer to assess the body weight of the body by a dietitianwhich informs us exactly about the effects of the new diet. Our diet uses our outpatient technologies, such as impedance balance,

The risk of overweight in our health

  The Risk of Obesity Visit 19659002] In the context of diseases that are overweight important risk factors, metabolic syndrome seems to be Probably C is among the most desirable clinical interest. In fact, this is a set of potentially vulnerable conditions for our cardiovascular system, but it is also a state that can improve through a variety of measures, including, in fact, achieving and maintaining its own weight.

For this reason, we wanted here to emphasize the importance of weight loss under strict medical supervision: The so-called "doing it" diet risk actually focuses solely on reducing calorie intake, without focusing on balanced consumption Nutrients and gradual insertion of proper physical activity for muscle mass, age and metabolism.

Among the steps we have identified to achieve the goal of weight loss, it is most difficult to maintain a healthy diet and Hyposodiumbased on our improved general health conditions over time . In fact, overweight is often accompanied by problems like high blood pressure and cholesterolemia; this gives us another reason for periodically with professional counseling before and during our journey toward weight The form, we know how we can illustrate the numerous studies that are able to answer us to the state of our arteries, a nutritionist, and a dietician's view of a complete specialty specialist in improving our mental and physical conditions. Slowly

Only to make this route accessible to everyone, UniSalut has the best advice, specialization and technology for design CuoreInSalutea special program for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. For the honorable people, it will help to improve the clinical function of helping us determine the correctness. Target? To provide more and more patients with tools for self-care at every stage of life.